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Thanks! :D

Help! How do you select? I've got the title screen up, but I don't know how to click play. All I can do is use the arrows keys to scroll between the options at the title screen (it is enter or space, or what? None of them are working) :(

Holy crap, I love this. It reminded me of my best friend who is an introvert. See, I'm mostly an extrovert, so every time Sam hesitated, I literally said "Girly, get your crap together!" XD I enjoyed this game, even though it took me so long to realize I had to grab the keys first. O_O* But anyways, thank you for making this game for all the extroverts to get a peek into the life of an introvert. ^-^ (Sorry for my rambling)

Loved this game! (Loved the music too!) Thank you for making this fun game! ^-^