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I think you should make it impossible to reach the City Outskirts without double jump.

Also the timing of the drone drop on the big cog is off.

i feel like the jump could be a little more forgiving, it often disallows a jump when i’m just off the edge of a platform.

Yay, room names!

Need more sense of progress: how many rooms have I seen out of the total? How many bosses do I have left to find? Have I been to this room before?

couple of things I noticed in this update…

first tutorial message is wrong? W does not work for jump - but Space does. Also, Q works for attack but not mentioned in tutorial message.

I started with double jump and dash.

Bats seem too easy to avoid.

It would be nice to label the names of all the enemies, NPCs and rooms - for Lore.

Can we at least get an achievement for freeing the spirit thing?

can’t get past the despairing phantom! how do you land an attack without getting damaged?

this is fun - love the dialogue.

option to turn off music please.

more feedback on barbarian attacks.

A few suggestions from a few minutes play:

  • the jump feels too strict - if you press jump when slightly off an edge or just after moving up over a rise, the jump is disallowed. maybe the jump check could remain for 0.x seconds before it is disabled?

  • should cauldrons continue to damage you in their death sequence?

  • it is easy to fall into spike hell and it’s hard to get out because you keep bouncing when damaged so can’t jump.

  • option to mute music

Congratulations Percy on sticking with it for 15 months!

Seems the server is down.