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Love the silly humour, it's genius!

Pretty cool concept. It's pretty short but you could definitely have a ton of head scratching puzzles with this idea. Good job!

Then there is probably an issue with your keyboard not wanting to register multiple keypresses. you can try using a combo of arrow keys and wasd which usually should work

You have to press both left and right at the same time

Really enjoyed it, Everything looks amazing. The only criticism I have is that the controls feel a bit off. Making the hitboxes for jumping on enemies larger and the jumps a little move floaty and adding Coyote Time when jumping would go a long way to making the controls feel better. It would also be cool to see some more collectibles hidden in the levels to make them less linear and add some exploration! 

Great game so far, Keep it up!

Very nice. Music is great and the gameplay is really snappy. Good job!

Difficulty curve is insane and very punishing. Nice colors though

Nice little dungeon game. I really enjoyed it. Though some sprites wheren't correctly important so they looks strange with the blur. Overall nice job! 

Works well. Though there isnt much tactic. Maybe make it like minesweeper so there is a way to know where a mountain is and where not. Multiple paths would also go a long way in making it more interesting. 

Could you also upload a version for windows or in browser because the Installation process seems very long for a simple game

Unique idea but i dont realy like the trolls so I can't get past the first level

Very cool! Good job