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phoebe flowerditch

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squid with sword

very sweet! and i really like the textures

i love this dearly. thank you.

i really adored this! thank you so much!!!

thank you for covering my game! i'm really glad you enjoyed it!

if you’ll reread my reply you will notice the inclusion of the word ‘almost’. instead of making inane, tedious nitpicks in a feeble attempt to score points for your team, try to actually engage with ideas openly and understand what people are trying to say

hey, congrats on taking a philosophy 101 class! consider this: the subjective nature of morality does not make moral judgments invalid

this is accurate actually 

it is almost not possible to become rich through ethical means and hoarding wealth instead of using it to help people who need it is morally indefensible 

yes it is

wow, this was really excellent. as someone who's struggled quite a bit with loneliness and depression in my life, a lot of this hit me pretty hard. thank you, and i hope you're doing ok

i made a friend

thank you so much for all of your comments! it really means a lot to me and im really glad you enjoyed my games!


this is the coolest

wow, i really loved this! thank you so much! i got all of the endings! 


wow, thank you so much!