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Le Roi eusse trouvé grâce en messe alegresse. Dans ma condition d'homme simple j'en extrait une essentielle piété soupçonné d'extase de tel considération.

Yeah that's a simple effect that works really well ^^

The end is funny and it's good to have done it, most projects stop abruptly or get lost in length.

I tried Morning at Hard too & it reminded me the work of Sos Sosowski haha

That was really fun to do :) I love all this kind of iddle feature putted in gameplay !

Haha i really liked the music and the sound effect of the collect. I feel that it's part of the music and i felt verrrry zen <3

No but I saw in a video that it was touching another box which causes a fail. A small visual or audio input would do the trick. One can imagine that the customer shouts when it happens "Oh no, but you are completely stupid or what"? The frequentation of the stores is different according to the hours, is it taken into account?

I am delighted to have entertained you. Thank you for ping, it's rather funny to note that some don't spot the ironic digression. So it will be really funny to know that people will read so far to realize that they have been fooled. The sound/music and the art are awesome, i hope you're already enjoying a new gamedev.

The design is really intersting, and the sounds/musics are greats! But it's quite hard to understand our task, it's seem that the request are too "intense" and you have no time to figure out. It look like a sprint when we're expecting a marathon. Should i try to hide from consumers ? Why the opening event is when i start to fill linears ? Why consumers only want things that aren't displayed ? I'm supposed to be the cashier too ? If i go to a shop, i can become angry after 4 seconds waiting ? :P