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Yes, they have fun too haha. Thank you for playing :)

Thanks! :D

I think the idea is pretty cool. The gameplay reminds me of undertale. If just it has more juice would be a better game. Good job!

Good game. There are a couple of bugs but the idea is very cool. Good job!

Really fun to play and the gameplay it's so juicy and smooth! Great job.

Pretty fun to read the dialogues. Love the interpretation of the theme. Something that left me a bit confused is that when I ask for the ID it doesn't show it to me, so I feel like I had to get it right because of the person's expressions. Overall good job!

Very fun! The gameplay it's very smooth and the art-style it's pretty good!. It's a bit hard due to doesn't have a tutorial, but overall it's a great job!

I didn't understand how to play :c

Good idea. Pretty fun. Good job!

Really fun! Love the idea and the gameplays is good, a little bit rough tho. Great job!

Wow, I love how you used the theme. It's super fun and frustrating. Good job!

Yes haha! the theme can be interpreted in different ways so it's pretty cool to see another ideas. Thank you for playing :)

Thank you!

I like the art but it doesn't have so much gameplay so it's a bit boring. I like the interface btw. But it doesn't much the theme of the jam imo. Idk where bounce gets into this.

I love the duck sounds. It's pretty fun but it doesn't match the theme very good. Good job

I like a lot the gameplay, it's such a original idea and it's very fun. The art it's actually pretty good but it's simple. I would loved it if it had more tracks. Good job

Pretty fun and the art style it's pretty good. It's a bit hard and needs more feedback, it feels a bit rough. Overall, nice job!

Great game! Love the art style but the gameplay feels a bit uncomfortable and the theme doesn't match pretty good imo. Overall pretty good.

Thank you! Yes, it needs more bounce game feel.

Lmao. Thank you. Appreciate it!

Thanks for playing it! Yeah, surely in the future I will update it and fix many things.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Good idea! It's fun and the attack mechanics are interesting. It is quite short and not very difficult but it is fun. Good work!

Wow. It's amazing! It's really fun and the art style and sounds are beautifull. Amazing work!

Thank you!
I had thought about it, but didn't give me the time. I finished the game after 3 am and the next day I had to do things. I would have loved to add more paths and mechanics that would help the gameplay. Sure in the future I will update it and I will put more things. Thanks for playing and for leaving a review! :)

Thank you!

Thank you. You're right, I finished the game at 3 am and I didn't realize it xD.

Thank you! Actually there are two paths, the other is achieved by having a bad future in the first event.

I hadn't thought of that, those are good ideas. I guess you can see my low level to make stories haha! Thank you very much for playing it and for the review!

Thanks for the review! You right, I'll make  darker the background.

Thanks! I will surely improve it in the future.

Thank you! I appreciate it. Regarding the goal of the game, I had other ideas that included it, but I ended up choosing this one for the short time. I guess it's mostly narrative haha. But thank you very much for playing!


Thanks bro!

Pretty cool and original idea! You used the theme in a different way and it's really fun. The graphics are simple but cute. Great work!

Same haha! Thanks for playing! :)

Very fun! I love the idea. Being able to balance the world being the devil and God is super fun haha! Art is really cute too. Great work!

Minimalist and fun. But there is no relation to the theme.

Reached a 3 streak haha!
The idea es pretty cool and the art is cute. Very fun to play. Great work!