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Honestly, for a random browser game that I found while i was bored, this rocks! Have a wonderful day

ok. I kinda had this fear for while. But then my dad told me that he ripped a moster's head off, and put it on a pike, as a warning for other monsters.  Works like a charm.

beutiful. Arson is fun. Keep making arson related game.

laggy. gud game th

Can a dev make it able for chrome

im the spleen thief. I steal spleens and donate them to hospitals. If i give more than one spleen, they all hate me. I should be called a hero.

i steal spleens.


yeah. it sucks

Man. This is scary. but I also got scared by my controller playing Resident Evil 2 remake. But this is just freaked me out on so many levels! The audio and dialogue really set the tone for the game. Very spooky. 

ah yes... kerm frog

Going well so far. I have also been keeping an eye out for other browser coding sites. 

nice game.

Thank you!

How do i code a game on a chromebook? I dont care if it is pong, or something, I just need to know.

I dont care if its simple, anything will work. I just need to know how to code.

I just stumbled upon this masterpiece of a game. Should of gotten GOTY award.