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Ah thank you! I use various free online photo editor to get a desired filter and then manually draw over and adjust things that look off. I'll try out the Gimp filters you mentioned. 😇👍

Aaah thank you so much! Your visual novel looks sooo aesthetic and the background looks lovely in your project. :D

Ahh the game art is sooo cute and aesthetic. Love it! :3

Ah nice poly trees. Great job!

Oh nice soundscapes. Great work! :O

Whoa cute little pixel ducks! Nice work :)

Thank you. I'll look them up 👍

Oh such a nice interactive story.  Nice work. 👍✨

Such a neat looking game! and so relatable haha. Love it! 😅👍

Whoa this looks nice! What do you make these pixel arts in? 😇

Aw such a cute interface. Nice work. 😇

Oh they look cool. Nice details. 👍

Thank you very much! 🙆

Looks cool 👍

Aw Love the tiny little wands. Nice 😇

Hey thank you so much! 😇✌