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I'm waiting for the Steam release, would be really sad if there wasn't pre-order bonus available for Steam players once the page is up

I want to know about this too ):

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Was really impressed by the game, particularly with the presentation. You really captured the essential elements of the gothic horror genre and it was refreshing to see an indie horror game that doesn't rely on huge amounts of notes, documents and long expository dialogue to tell a story. I was surprised that even the page is wonderfully presented and makes an excellent first impression!

My only complaint is that Lorraine makes an off-handed comment that supports the myth that corsets were somehow dangerous or harmful to women. This myth is the bane of fashion historians and there's a lot of information online debunking that particular myth so I won't go into great detail here, but Karolina Zebrowska, Bernadette Banner and Abby Cox all have excellent videos on the topic.

Really loved that game, but there was just one factual inconsistency in the brochure. Practicing "magic" wasn't specifically looked down upon, in fact, they had many priests and soothsayers that could purportedly use magic.

The woman also would not have been called a witch. A witch is a more western concept, and a beautiful woman who lures people in and makes them disappear likely would have been suspected a fox (kitsune), which were and by some still are considered magical creatures which can shape shift. This ability includes transforming into beautiful women and seducing men.

Very interesting game with quality voice acting, even with the option to choose "anime wife" and "IRL wife" voices. My one problem with the game is that it would be better with more dialogue options. Even if options are added that don't change the outcome of the story, it would just be nice if the wife would respond slightly differently and there was more gameplay.

Was this made by the same developer as the game "One Late Night"? I notice the games have a lot of similarities.

Here are some tips that I found helped me with the difficulty spike:

Even if the surface is not climable, you can purposefully come just short of the jump and your picks will pull you up

When landing and you don't want to slide, quickly hit shift/walk as you land and your sliding distance will be decreased by a lot. For the red crystals and the hexagon pipes this trick is really useful.

For the sliding, you have to jump a little bit further up the pipe than you want to so you can slide a bit and keep the momentum.

This game is incredibly fun and can be treated like a puzzle game which has multiple solutions per level. The simple mechanics of the game are fun enough that when I beat the demo I went back in just to see what I could get on top of and jump down onto. The only limits in the game are ones that serve to make the game more fun.

One thing I would like to see from this game is more encouragement to start jumping while climbing. I think horizontal movement while climbing should be further limited so you have to make more leaps where you have to jump to move horizontally then latch onto the wall again, but the current system is still just fine how it is.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to include colourblind players. I'll make sure to play it again now that it's been updated with those changes. Keep up the good work!

Tried to play it, but couldn't solve the coloured light puzzle because I'm colourblind. I like the aesthetic though.

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I got stuck on the movie file game in the motel room, and I think it's bugged. I interacted with everything until I got to the point with the bathtub and the knock on the door. After that I went around the whole room trying to interact with things, couldn't find anything and interacting with the peephole only stopped advancing the game after the first look. Was completely stuck and unable to progress.

I'm sorry you had bad experiences with doctors. Whenever I or my sisters have gone to a GP for a mental health problem (we may not even know it's a mental health problem at first, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two sometimes) they usually give us two referrals: One to a counsellor and one to a doctor qualified to diagnose mental illness. This is of course after testing for deficiencies, but we always get to proper help in the end and we're a lot better because of it.

You make a strong point about depression skewing reality, which I like but the elements of reality and what's distorted is confusing for those playing. Making the player experience what the protagonist is feeling is important, but when it gets in the way of the core values of the game or miscommunicates something it can leave multiple, possible unwanted interpretations. In my case, I tried to interpret it in three ways.

One where the game was entirely in someone's imagination, one where everything was reality and one where it was somewhere in between. Your game falls somewhere in between meaning, like I said before, what is real and what is distorted is unclear and since you're the creator it's probably glaringly obvious to you but to those who don't have insight into who the creator is and their motives (such as your bad experiences with doctors)  assumptions have to be made in order to reach a conclusion.

I understand how you can come into a project with so many hopes and aspirations and for the reservoir to be drained by the end, so you don't need to worry about touching the game again, especially since the various interpretations were due to miscommunication and not from morose intentions. As a word of warning, I think if you don't make a statement regarding the multiple interpretations it will continue to be perceived that way.

I really like the art style but I can't agree with the message the game is trying to portray.

The game clearly expresses that talking to those around you is useless, going to a professional/clinic will only have you be ridiculed and the GP said they don't know how to help them, at that point they would have given them a referral to a mental health professional. I know because I've been through this and so have my sisters; If a doctor doesn't know how to deal with a problem they send you to one that does know how to deal with it, so that protrayal of doctors was really inaccurate. 

The game may have a good ending but it seems most routes end in suicide, which although may be a reality for a lot of people, for many others they end up at the end of the tunnel by talking to professionals and getting support from loved ones. 

The way the game calls antidepressants "happy pills" is a really negative message considering antidepressants aren't supposed to be "happy pills", never have and never will be. They're to help people counteract depression and to help people dealing with depression get out of bed in the morning.

Overall, the game has a nice art style but the messages it communicates are either inaccurate or outdated. I know a decade or two back, perhaps this would have been the reality for those suffering from depression, but these days, it's really easy to find help since there's so many places you can go. The real problem is taking those steps and that's the message I expected from this game, but, it seems that the journey and the destination are worthless in this game.

Side Note: I know this game is in the perspective of someone who is depressed, so antidepressents may appear as happy pills to them, but when they went to see a professional that should have helped at least a little. Also, it seems they went to see a GP but a GP isn't authorised to prescribe antidepressants without a note from a mental health professional. They don't just hand out antidepressants to people they think may be depressed (remember, GP's are only very minimally trained in mental health but that's enough for them to know when they should refer someone to a mental health professional.)