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Floofy Neko

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obviously a  b i g  ask, but VR version??? owo

love the game, but when can we have it in windowed mode, I wanna be able to stream it to my friends without any issues

ah yes, my favorite part of the backrooms

almond water

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get 5 of all the girls before you unlock the last girl
When that's done, just wait and you'll know when you see her, she's rare too

Good news my friend, new update with the ability to go fullscreen uwu

The game is for PC, meaning there's no apk available for Oculus, only an exe for HTC Vive/SteamVR etc

I shall follow you so that I get to play with controller inputs very soon! uwu

Is there a way to resize the boundaries of the window the car can roam in? I have a 3840x2160 resolution screen, and as it seems, the car can only roam in a 1080p area from the top right towards the middle of my screen

Is it possible to play this on an HTC Vive headset if I used an android emulator like Bluestacks? It sounds possible but I wanted to hear it from you first

I've been playing this on a windows 10 laptop, a sucky one but it runs really well, so there won't be any problems, promise uwu

Already looks lovely! Can't wait to play this with my cat loving bud uwu

While this is already an impressive feat, unfortunately someone already has well over a million caught >w<

Any possibility for a port to iOS devices? My best friend has an iOS while I'm stuck with Android and I would really like to try this out with him as we sometimes can't talk and support each other thanks to teachers qwq

No probs, have fun

Love it so much, everything about it is amazing, but I only found one error, there's boundaries extending beyond the plants, birds, and app windows I have open that slightly cover other things around it, still love it a hecc of alot though

Download it from the website, not from's app, it should show up as a .exe

Ya, I got problems with options too, hoping for a volume down button or something lols

Day 256: The updates no longer come, the game has died a painful death, we will no longer see the potential of the fabled game known as Tentacle Locker...

Tired of Blue screen of death? Well now Tentacle Locker features the Black screen of disappointment

I'd go for gold, not legit gold, I mean the goldilocks

Is it possible to give this game a demo? Short on bucks at the moment

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I gotta say, this game is absolutely amazing, I'm already loving it, though I do wanna say that the golden girl is a little too common for my taste, as in I can get 3 golden girls on average in less than a minute (Yeah, I did calculations lol), so I was hoping maybe you could increase the rarity, or make some uber rare girl that'll possibly give an achievement of some kind, ya know? Still, game is amazing, and I hope you read this and thought about it, Hope to talk to ya soon
Edit: Also, too many ideas, so I can give a few if needed lol -w-