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Loving the oracle and expanded tables via Tarot. Also the creature, region and mission generation via tarot spreads is so so so solid. I've been reading dungeon divinations by max moon, which is about using tarot to esoterically generate dungeons (that's the best short desccription i can give), and this seems like the perfect pairing since it is incorporating tarot in an interesting and dynamic way. would love to play this soon

Print version has been out for a little bit now, available at Floating Chair Club in the US and Soulmuppet Publishingin the UK and Rest of World

Looking forward to this! Might even try to participate if I have the bandwidth.

just plugged in. don't try calling, you'll get a busy signal as i'm currently dialed up. extract all from

Woah woah woah, this is so amazing. Can't wait to find someone to play this with. The two player story/setting, (and mechanics that work within those two), that you all created on top of Tunnel Goons is truly something to behold!

I was pumped for this and had high expectations, but the final product blew me away! Can't wait to get spooky and create some amazing stories, especially once I have that physical box set in my hands!

wowowo! this is awesome ema! I highly recommend to anyone that gets on this page to download (and pay a little if you're able) and spend five to ten minutes minimum with this. Let your eyes guide you through the words, hit dead ends, reread, find paths and let it all ruminate.

Saw that it says physical copies are sold out, just wanted to drop by and say a few are still available here at floating chair club ->

I had the luxury of being able to purchase and play a physical prototype/beta version of Grandpa's Farm months ago and I thought it was amazing. Seeing this finished version still blew me out of the water! I can't wait for the new physical copy as I'm sure it will be even better than the earlier version!

The gameplay is open and evocative. Perfect for telling stories in the manner of the "slow-life" video games that this sets out to emulate. Highly Recommend this!!