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Just a Floating Eye

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My programming is now mario maker

Yea I did find out some time ago that they had archives on the Discord, but thanks.

I would like a download for this version as I prefer it over the new ones.

It works just use latest stable wine on the exe.

Works perfectly on Linux through Wine!!! 10/10 game!

How do you save? I have never played Cave Story before but this mod is cool, I had to figure out the controls.

What happened to viruses?

Yep I moved the folder from documents to desktop

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Same, on windows

I miss the old tutorial with the portal references!!!

To not flood the comments I will reply to one of mine I sent:

Where can I get the OST? I couldn't find it on YouTube.

I just realised I am very dumb, with the spinning thing (forgot the name) I thought you had to keep it spinning not make it stay still. Finally, by watching someone play the game I figured it out.

If you add extra hashes, it makes the report count as incomplete. This is really annoying because it is a full report but I just added 1 extra hash from the other day.

I immediately noticed all the Source/Half-Life sounds and also "Node graph out of date. Rebuilding...".

Oh and the Portal references, haha.

Haven't played this in a while, I wonder what I can do now.

Hope it comes to IOS someday!

Can you make a steam vr version? I really wanna play a space game in vr and this looks great, but i have a valve index not a quest :(

AND ANATIDAEPHOBIA IS THE FEAR OF DUCKS, why would it be monsters?


wait so theres more than just a pigeon? thats cool! but is there a way to make the pigeon into one of these?

what about a cockatiel? they are quite fun to play with, i have 2 cockatiels IRL so i would love one on a PC

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it wont open, when it apears on the desktop i open it but nothing happends, please help, i even uninstalled and reinstalled but it wont work! i also dont have any antivirus apart from windows defender, and when i scan it for 'viruses' windows defender says its safe! HELP!!!!!!

No worries, i got a windows 10 gaming PC now because a mac is terrible.

How do I find servers? Because my friends can't play this game :(.

Im still confused.

I still wonder how its scary...

How is this scary? This is not scary...

make it for mac please??? pleeeaaase?? or not? :( that makes me saaaad!!!


forget about my last comment, I found out it doesnt work. all of the files were EXE

it doesnt show what file it is, so is it compatible with macOS high sierra?

Please can you make a version for mac?

I cant find the game SCP-087-B I need the link please.