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You can pick it up on the Unity Asset Store here and use it in a Unity project 😃

Haha thanks! I wish I could play your game, it looks really cool

Thanks! I played yours too :)

Thanks! I appreciate the nice comments, this is the first time I've had to do any narrative design for a project so I wasn't sure if the story would come across as cheesy or if it just wouldn't make any sense :P

Very cute, I like the earth's animation :) The visuals and style are nice! It's also actually really challenging, I couldn't beat it after several tries. It's pretty hard to avoid the asteroids since there's not much anticipation time, making it hard to get out of the way. 

Thanks! I used some first party Unity assets like the Sci-Fi snaps and default font from TextMesh Pro. The game description has links to some other assets I used. Glad you had fun!

Cool game! I found the difficulty to be not too hard, I could complete the game after a couple tries. The challenge for me came from how the enemy bullets are fast and hard to see against the background, and that the player ship moves with a long acceleration time, making it hard to get out of the way in time. 

I appreciate that you have a title screen, options menu and pause menu (not that common for jam games). I'm not sold on how the button text is hidden until you hover over it and wait for the animation to play though :P

This is a cool puzzle game with impressive procedural generation! (i'm assuming the puzzles are procedurally generated) It seems that at higher difficulties, the puzzle is more complex and you get less time, which makes it oftentimes pretty much impossible to solve. I would definitely come back to play this again if the higher difficulties had more time, and if there were even higher difficulty options.

Nice job! The gameplay is smooth and the sounds+visuals work well! Not sure if this is intended, but I find it hard to tell the background from the foreground at times. Still, cool game!