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Thanks Keibo :)

you're welcome haha

Thx sebastien :). Really enjoyed your workshop btw <3

yes, we will :)

Really liked the gameplay on this one.I didn't think that you could win the game, but I did(nice easter egg at the end btw).Nice entry ! 

I want more voice lines for coconut. Great game!

Really like the art, I also really like how you implemented the theme by linking the speed to a low health so you can make some interesting choice during gameplay. I really like it overall, but I wish that the collision and controls was more tight. There's a great tweet about how to improve that :

Btw my high score is 6 seconds :)

Very painful, thx :)

best game enjoy

thanks  ! :)


thanks for the compliment! Soooo , the collision system is pretty bad right now, I will try to fix that later. In the mean time, you can use the cheat code that I provided in the description to get out of those spotty situations

thanks for the feedback and the kind words! The spinning blades section of the game was added last minute and I didn't have time to adjust it or do a little bit of play-testing. I will probably do a complete overall on that part. The vertical jump would be really nice too.

ohohh, that would be cool, but I have to move on from this project soon. there will be 2 new rooms  and I hole lot of polish if you are willing to play it again tomorrow.

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I got your back, I will definitely add some more polish and levels. Btw doom 1 did't have a jump button, so I am kind of hesitant on making a jump mechanic

it's not surprising, doom was such a game changer when it was released, I had to make a homage, plus it's a first person and I used to do a lot of those types of games back in my day. fun fact, I almost went with E.T the extra-terrestrial(a better version ) until I remember that doom exist

aww thanks, I will probably add more levels after the ratings are over and polish it up a little bit

thanks man :)

top notch controls, bravo.

glad you enjoy it ! I will definitely add more levels and twik some minor stuff in the future

totally agree with you, the music to not fit at all with the game(I was stock with what I have), I will change the music when I will have the opportunity to do it, thanks for playing :)