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The game has a very nice visual appeal to it! I got extra chills in some parts of the gameplay, and really got hit good with a jumpscare or two. 

Good stuff!

Hello Bored Leviathan!

I thought the game looked nice, and definitely gave me some good chills! I like the little twist at the end, didn't expect that haha.

Hey yall. 

Demo was great. I  thought it looked visually appealing, and the music/audio was well done! For some reason, I got stuck big time on the puzzle, but figured it out haha. Excited to see more.

Good stuff Lexip_Games

Game was fun. There was some good jumpscares, and I  actually got stuck on a puzzle in the game for a while haha! 

Cool stuff Franmvoisard!

Hey Obo! 

I thought the game was well done, and I definitely got the vibes from this! Great stuff!

Hey There Azaxor.

Definitely some nice jump scares thanks to the audio. I'm sure plenty of us at one point have had that spooky vibe in underground parking lot, or parking garage for sure.  Short, but effective! Good stuff! - I  think the part that got me real good was the wave and disappear haha.

Hey There Al Heck!

Glad to see you back with another one! Never Apart was great, and Paranormal Entities was awesome! Crazy to think it took 10 days to make this!  Really enjoyed the vibe, and one or two jumpscares got me  good! The only hiccup (may just be me) was at the beginning of the game the story cut off a little (text) and It wouldn't let me quit (had to tab out) - Other than that, solid! Thanks for another great experience!

Hey there N4bA -

Game was awesome! Had me on edge often, and early. It was really well done. You could get the vibe of the atmosphere as soon as you hit play/start. 

Dope! Thank you in advance for coming by the channel and checking it out! Hope work was chill! sending good vibes! haha.

I  enjoyed the game. It definitely got deeper through conversation. The ending (like others have mentioned) definitely caught me off guard, but was cool. I  thought the art style really help put more into the story, it worked well together!

Good stuff!

Hello Team SolEtude!

I enjoyed the game. It definitely got deeper through conversation. The ending (like others have mentioned) definitely caught me off guard, but was cool. I thought the art style really help put more into the story, it worked well together!

Good stuff!

I  thought Play Dead! was cool! I really enjoyed the humor, and could relate to the characters. I have a few friends that have done the driving from city to city for shows, so breaking down has been a real thing! Good stuff!

Hello Hazu!

I enjoyed Play Dead! - It was alot more light hearted than I thought It would be, and I really enjoyed the humor. I've had a few friends go on adventures (as a band) so breaking down in a random area has been a real thing for them! Good stuff!

Hey alheck,

really enjoyed the game. gave me the real creepy vibe! good job!

Hello AbbyHoward! 

Episode 1 was a great experience. The characters were enjoyable, music was great, and the art style was cool!  I think episode 1 did a great job giving you enough to want more, especially with the options to explore with the dialogue options! Great job! Hope to see more! 

I enjoyed the game Piotr Rycabel! - 

Something about an empty lobby.. seeing only 1 or 2 server rooms open always gives a good creepy vibes.

The story caught me off guard too! 

Hey Yawn Games! - I ended up going through the rest of the game, and thought I'd put it as a separate post on here for part 2. I had a blast. The story definitely got deeper in my opinion. The only hiccups I think I ran into for this one, was the witch and timing with the doors (sometimes glitchy) and how to do the input code on the computer. Other than that, cool stuff. Thanks again for reaching out, and hope to see more content in the future for any projects! 

haha most def! I sent an email already friends! no rush, thanks again.

Hey Yawn Games! - Thank you for taking time to stop by the channel to see the video, and for reaching out! Game was fun for sure! I ran into a few hiccups here and there, and as we discussed thought I just got stuck. Wanted to share my video with everyone here too! Enjoyed it, and hope to see more from yall!

Hey there Andries, I got a notification about a reply, but noticed my post was deleted? Didn't know how to reach out. Only thing I saw was "had errors" in the topic?

Hey there rabbytt! 

I really enjoyed the game. As many have said, the voice acting was great. I thought the pacing was nicely done. The atmosphere in the house was definitely felt. Creepy vibes everywhere haha. Good stuff! I made a vid as well! Can't wait to see what else you are making! 

Cage-Face encounter or monster was a neat idea. I like the idea of seeing the drawing/sketch on the table, and the way you encounter cage-face. With me busy running away from him, there wasn't any encounter that had me up close and personal, but thought it was cool. 

Hey aShySir -

I didn't see an area to comment on the main game page, so here I am! 

I really enjoyed the game. Personally, the soundtrack was bumping. The voice acting could have been a bit louder, but was ok. You got me good with the encounters! I didn't expect it, at all!  There was a lot more open space, so maybe more notes from the friends or something to be found could help, but understand it's in development! Unless I missed it, was there a reason the encounter was that particular monster? It did a good job making me wonder why ! 

I didn't see an area on the main itchio game page to post a vid, so just throwing it in here. Once again, I enjoyed it. Can't wait to see more. Cool Stuff aShySir

Hey olinkalex,

The game was fun. I really enjoyed it. It was cool to jump right into the VHS, and the encounters got me good (didn't expect the way it came up) Also, on the left near the phone, was that a PS1 game case? Thought that was neat! haha -

Hey Grave Danger Games -

Game was cool. As you are aware, once you go into the basement you get stuck. Originally, I thought it was the door closing and locking me in. I enjoy the spooky vibe (I remember when I was kid, hearing all the random noises home alone) - One part that got me was in the basement, the tv audio can be heard which I thought something coming down stairs! haha. Pretty cool though, hope to see more! Good stuff.

Hey TwoIslandGames, 

The game was cool. I like the look and feel of it. I did run into a hiccup when going through a door the game went to a blank/black screen, and had to restart the game. The creepy feel was very subtle, but enjoyed it. Cool stuff!

Very short, but  cool idea. There's plenty of times of me waking up in the middle of the night to make coffee haha.

Nice little spooky vibe. Ending caught me off guard haha!

ah, gotcha. For some reason, my character was stuck in place, and could not walk to the fire! Don't know if you were aware of that issue,  but glad to know there was a timer! haha.

Hello Sakis Laspas!

 I felt that the look and feel of the game was awesome! I personally thought the school (hallway and classrooms) were done very well. I managed to get lost finding the door in the maze, because it actually blended in very well haha. The only other area that had me stuck for a moment is at the end, it took a long time to prompt the ending (unless that is intentional). Retro mode was a neat touch too! Made a small vid.

I got a chance to play the game through steam! The game is shaping up to be great in my opinion! I kept accidentally putting away key items, which had me worried haha!  Great work so far ya'll!  Made a vid.

Hey Ya'll,

Game was great. That atmosphere was on point for me, and the audio got me pretty good. The game did a great job getting me to jump at times I didn't always "expect" haha.

Good Job!

Most def!!

Hey Kronde!

I really enjoyed it. There was even a moment, where I scared myself haha!

The setup was  great, and worked well for being short. Are you planning on doing more to this game, or maybe something else? Great job.  Made a vid as well!

Short, and gave a good creepy vibe.   Good stuff!

Can't say enough about how much I love the art style in these games.  It definitely brings back some past memories.