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i think you may easily be my favorite game maker on

Your spongebob series gives us a chance to explore bikiini bottom, and i must say these are some awesome backdrops for these games! very sppoky stuff. i love the tone you set with all your games! that nosferatu game is insane too!!!

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Bittersweet but fun! i noticed a roof that had textures i could walk through but other than that the game was nice and solid. thank you very much for this game. i really enjoyed it!

somehow the color palette and the way this game was drawn is very pleasing, cannot wait to play more into this. thank you so much for this experience!

this was very cute! i like the drawn hearts. gameplay made me smile! thank you very much!

this is quite a fun an neat experience. it may not be some full giant game but there is some serious beauty in the simplicity and the way you approached this game. thank you for this.

this was like being in a thought provoking surreal art gallery inside of a somewhat dystopian oppressive undertones. i will be diving into this to see more of what i get out of it. thank you for this experience!

I will be preordering that soon! Love the classic stuff since like 2003..maybe little earlier.  Always brilliant. Thank yall for the secrets and exploration in your games!!

i need more of this in my life all the time. this little guy made my day!

holy hell, thank you Croteam!! major fan! had even the oldschool game in the early 2000s!

This is such a beautiful Diorama! i adore watching him go about his business! very tranquil and relaxing.