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Let me begin by saying I think this is a very nice looking game with an interesting concept. I'm a sucker for well executed 8 bit graphics and music, which this game certainly achieved.  However, the actual difficulty of the game with its unrelenting enemies and lackluster controls make this border on unplayable. I think this game has great potential and could be really fun, but it needs some work first.

Fun game, but needs some balancing. I really liked the music and art style of the game. RPG-type content was basically nonexistent, but I'm assuming that's because it's a demo. Maybe a future update could include some of those elements as they sound interesting.

As for the balancing, I only just had enough money for a ticket. Had bought more food or repaired more than the bare minimum to allow me to race, I wouldn't have been able to progress. Combine that with not being able to use boost (which you need to get ammo) and the manager taking all of your money, and the game becomes unnecessarily frustrating.

That said, I did enjoy my time with it and liked the "dusty cyberpunk" world you developed, instead of having just another dense, urban environment. People should definitely try it out for theirselves and I'm looking forward to future updates.

This is a cool  little game with a great set of mechanics. Had a "blast" with some of the weapons. Played some more after recording and got to try out some of the other characters. The Botanist was particularly fun as it emphasized not crashing into everything.

I'd like to see more depth in the game as time goes on as just making it to the escape pod is fairly easy, but that doesn't take anything away from my enjoyment of the current build. Although the music wasn't in this build, I did add it into the video and really enjoyed it. Aside from that, it was a really fun and bug-free game.

This was really fun. I particularly enjoyed the art style and music. Only negative is that the controls seemed to fight me more than the actual enemies at some points, but those times were rare. Again, I really liked this game and am looking forward to the full release.

Entertaining little game with a very nice art stye. Not sure if you intentionally created a video game version of hell thats filled with fetch quests, but had fun nonetheless. Did encounter a bug at the end where I got stuck in a tree though.

This game was great. Very interesting way to tell a story. Really enjoyed the art style as well.

Fun little game. For something so simple, it was surprisingly good.

Gave your game a go. It was interesting, but I have no idea what was going on. I tried to make some sense of it though.

Interesting game. Liked the duality and uncertainty in choices, much like Reigns.

I must've missed the part in the description about it being made during a game jam. Good job regardless. Looking forward to future updates

Fun game with a nice art style. Enjoyed the (sort of) Papers, Please! style of gameplay. Encountered a bug when I tried to deny Robin access, but seemed fine otherwise. A save feature in future versions also be appreciated.

No need to apologize.  The bugs only occurred during the replays, so it never prevented me from completing the level. As for the translations, I was able to figure out what you were saying. In general, translating from one language to another is never perfect.

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed this game and particularly loved the style of the game. The 80's style music along with the art style was right on point. However, the controls seem to only work some of the time. There were several times when enemies would just toss me around and it seemed I was stuck in a loop. Also, punching seemed to do nothing at all, leaving kicking to be the only useful attack.

Thought the build up was good, but "grandma" didn't have that scare factor. Liked the presentation though. As a side note, I did encounter a bug where the password didn't appear on the bedroom wall, but just looked it up to get it.

Had a ton of fun playing this. Essentially a 2D version of Superhot. Could be a little frustrating at times, but enjoyed the challenge.

Interesting game. I'm not British, so I don't really have any knowledge of Theresa May beyond occasional news pieces. That said, I did have a lot of fun smacking people with a frying pan.

There isn't much to this game, but the elements in it were great. Loved how the world visually as well as audibly changes from side to side. Also really liked how the ending seems (to me) like it's open to interpretation.

Fun little time waster game. Enjoyed the music and art style (bonus points for whoever drew the title screen), but felt like the stamina either depleted too quickly or was unnecessary as a mechanic.

This is a really "cool" game. Wasn't very good at it, but had fun. Made a quick video about it

Good start, but the game has several bugs and seems to be broken. Had to restart the game a few times while recording to progress further. Definitely enjoyed playing it, though.

My first youtube video, I played a game about clowns. As much as I hate clowns, this was the first game to actually make me turn and run. Pressed on because I had to finish, but yeah. Great sense of terror.

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I both loved and hated this game. Loved it because it scared me more than most other games. Hated it because it scared me more than most other games. The first two jumpscares (basically just sounds) really got me.

Fun game, but easy after you learn the pattern and use a tiny exploit. Would be cool to have other languages in the future.

On the outside, this seems like just a PT clone. After playing it, I can say I enjoyed it more. While both games have a good atmosphere, PT seemed - to me - to rely more heavily on jumpscares, whereas this stayed with building up a sense of fear and anxiety. That's scarier than any jumpscare.

This was a lot of fun. Had a couple moments where it really tried my patience, but in the context of the game and theme (running out of power), it makes sense. Hope to see a full version of this someday. If this is the extent of it, it's something to be proud of.

Excellent game. Reminded me of a few games my sister and I used to have for our NES. Really liked the comic-style panels and how they'd change based on a few of your actions. Only criticism would be that trying to grab the rings could be a pain sometimes, but otherwise it was great. Also, surprised at how different the ending could be.

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I really enjoyed this game. From the art style to the music, it's obvious a lot of care went into it. Had a bit of an issue with the "draw" mechanic at first (didn't realize I couldn't just start from the bottom of the screen), but had a lot of fun after figuring it out.