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Yep, I thought of random spawning  and moving obstacles, but it was 1am and I had to sleep, haha. 

Thank you !

'Confused and amused' that's how I did it ! Heheh

Huh didn't know, thank you for the information !

(I think 'automata' sounds more cute though...)

Hay !
This Frog language is a sort of ultra-simplified Toki Pona.
It is so simple it might be difficult to understand...

By the way, thanks and congratulations for Bitsy !!

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I'm glad you like it !

The hints are an attempt to lay down the rules of the language...
Basically, each note contain emoticons followed by the corresponding words.
The very first rule is a bit tricky to decrypt, so I give it to you:
Rib -> In / Kri -> Out (it can also means On/Off or anything like that.)

This: 'o..x' means that the speaker (o) is quite near of the object (x).

Finally, this is meant to represent a frog's head...
(|) (|)
 \' '/

Now I think you will understand it much better.

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That is Fantastic !!!
It works well and is so simple for testing...

Much LÖVE to you !

That is a great project !

It reminds me of "Flower Sun & Rain".

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I like it ! It is pretty hard but so sweet...
The collisions are not visually brutal, I like how you have done that.
A project about love (and pikmins) is great and rare !
It is a refreshing & heartwarming little game.

Good luck and love ! <3