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Tres sympa, tres bonne ambiance!

Damn dude the highscore is getting pretty serious ! Congratulations to you and big thanks for your good words, I'm verry happy that you liked the game :)

Time for me to work on beating your score... Waiting for your videos to see if we share the same techniques !

Panic On Layer 1's all time highscore has just been beaten and goes from 343 to 458. Latest colony annihilated is now Colony 9. Contratulations to Bowtrix & Mr.Bell !

Great playthrough, thanks for trying the game ! And congratulations for making it to Colony 7 :)

ahah very good video man thank you for trying the game ! Loved the 4:32 moment :)

Hi Ryan ! That sounds like a nice idea. We would need to talk a little bit in order to set how we could work though. You can reach me on Discord : fleacoco#4639

Also I saw that the game could not reach the leaderbords database... did you have internet off or is that a bug ?

There's a small background story which you can read from the menu :)

Great playthrough man ! You went pretty far in the game, it was good fun to see you playing even if it was so sad when you falled off the map :)

Thanks for playing !

Thanks for trying the game !

2nd update of Panic On Layer 1 is now out !

  • Brand new infinite mode (unlocked from Colony 5)
    • Random weapon spawning
    • Enemies drop loot when dying
    • Increasing difficulty
  • Online leaderboards to highlight greatest performances (max colony reached & infinite mode highscore)
  • Difficulty reduced in campaign mode (number of enemies, ammo & health loot appearing if the player is in difficulty)
  • Tutorial explanations added
  • Enemy navigation improved
  • Double jump system improved
  • Crosshair size reduced
  • Fixed bug with music playing at wrong times
  • Fixed minor bugs (player not appearing at the right orientation at new colony / too many SFX playing when enemies destroy obstacles / loot falling off the map)

Thanks for trying the game !

This is a great playthrough, thank you for trying ! Love the thumbnail too :) Quick tip, you can climb obstacles by double jumping in order to get the crates falling on top of them. Cheers!

Very nice video  thanks for giving the game a go! I see you made a fair amount of money, sounds like you did great :)

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First update for "Panic On Layer 1" has just been released !

- Weapon recoil slightly decreased

- Player speed increased

- Added hidden secrets & clues

- Added new tracks & button to change music

- Added confirmation for respawning at current colony

- Buying a new weapon now grant some ammo

- Fixed screen updating when buying items

- Fixed bugs related to volume control & reload sound

- Minor UI changes

Many thanks to all the people who provided feedback that let me improve the game. I'd be glad to have new feedback regarding bug reports & ideas for gameplay improvement.

Hi ! Thank you for trying the game. 

Did you try modifying the inputs in the "Controls" section inside the game menu, rather than in the start window ? This should normally work - please let me know.

Also I'll do something about the footsteps :)

hi, you can rebind A & W keys when starting the game (same time when you select resolution and graphics quality)

Also, you need to shoot dynamite for it to explode

no worries :)

yes as stated in the description it is an upgraded version