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Not plastanium, i Said electric ones, the golden Walls, and they are the best ones as far as i know.

The electric ones. 3 layers, and heal projectors Like 20 of them with Phase boost. Still no Chance, they Cut through my defense Like a glowing hot knife through allready melting butter

oh and i was building Units allready, but No effect. The Titan Mechs kill a Meltdown with 4-5 Hits, any Minion i produce dies in one Shot. 

I had to abandon the map. The last update doubled the reload time of Meltdowns If cooled with water, i die instantly, even with pause-building there is no way i can supply my Meltdowns with Cryofluid. But thanks for your Help :-)

Guys, maybe someone of you could Help me. Im at Wave 440 (yea, No joke ....) in Wasteland. There are two enemie spawns, one for mostly Air Units and one for ground Units. In Wave 444 there will be a MASSIVE Titan Spawn, i tryed this Wave so many times ... There is No way of surviving this. Any Tips ? I have 32 Meltdowns in total, a very potent Energy supply of 8 Fusion reactors and all ressources in very large amounts.

I dont know why the hell this Game isnt as popular as Minecraft. I have almost 8000 Hours spend in Minecraft, using mainly Tekkit mods, and this is as much fun as it is to Play my beloved Tekkit-Pack. Really bro, this Game is freaking awesome, very Well done (clap clap clap)

There is an Item-Destroying Furnace in the Game allready. To only destroy overproduced materials, you can use an overflowgate, this block pushes items to the right and left side if there are to many. Hope i could Help :-)