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Hello, can you explain what is the problem? I see you as a hater because you did this to other games as well. I will report you if you cannot explain why it is not good. We take bullies down. Have a nice day.

Great game! Cool concept. Very creative. Great music too! Way to go!

Soon. Real soon. Bye!

hahahaha. We can work it out...I guess.....thanks!

Great idea! Thanks

Thanks for the review. Yes we are adding new levels. More mini games. Thanks!

Hi there. Great video! Thanks. What do you think we can do better? I need a feedback. Thanks. 

Thank you! The Voice was from a text to speech website. It is what we could do in 48 hours. Thanks for playing!

This game is one of the best GGJ 2019 games! Congrats!

Fala pessoal, muito bom o jogo. Dá para desenvolver num full game com certeza. Parabéns!

Hey guys. Great GGJ game.  But I felt lost. Maybe a minimap would help. Great shaders by the way. Bye