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Its a shame I didn't have the time to tutorialize them better, but it is something I'm going to work on. The basic gist of how they work is the the input modules will continue to out the same number each cycle, so if you want to get the next number in the input, you need to tell that stream to move forward one. The way the IO flag module works is you select which channels you want to tell to progress (by pressing left or right to toggle it) and then whenever the module receives a value greater than zero, it'll make that channel grab the new number. so for example if you wire the a constant value 1 into the IO flag module, each cycle it'll grab a new number, or if you only send it a pulse once you've calculated the output for those inputs, then you can use it to grab the next set of inputs and continue.

I'm so surprised Pico-8 is even capable of this, incredibly well done!

Fun little game, Its a shame object interaction didn't make it in but its enjoyable never the less!

I'm in love with this game!

As an Australian, I only have terrible internet and so having a battlefield-esque game that I can play entirely single player is like a god send!! I'll definately be following this games development~!!

I couldn't find one anywhere else so I wen't and made a discord channel for AGBIC jam.

I don't mind if it doesn't get used, I just figured if nobody else made one I may as well.