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I don't know why but I find it spooky, not scary just spooky, despite the cute art. Nice game.

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Nice simple game and I am not good at platformer games so I suck at this. One thing is that the sprites have some issues like lines appearing on the side, I suggest you make a sprite atlas then pack all of your sprite there. You are using unity right?

Sehr gut! It is not scary but it gives off an ominous feeling and a sense of mystery. The sound design is lit, really helps the mood. Anyways I just like to check the works of the  people I meet in game jams

I don't know why I am here, All I know is that shoot the melons.

The slide move.

Nice little project, the art is good all in all but the slide thing is quite 'janky' I would say. The tile map needs a little tweaking because it occasionally show white lined gaps. I hope this helps and I know this is probably a very early project. Long time since I've seen you active in itch.

I am just checking things out.

vwat this mate?


Also I won't live stream it because whos gonna watch it anyway.

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About the format, it depends on what art software you are using. If adobe you can organize it and same as asprite. I use piskel which is unorganized. You can just do row by row if you want.

I may publish DA GAME SHOW by june because the theme is "SUMMER BEACH".

You got the idea, Also DA GAME SHOW is going to be a playable game. There will still be bots but you can play with them, sort of. And my laptop is quite crappy right now so I feel regret and I am sorry for any  inconvenience. I am just experimenting with stuff.



Anyways, would you like to join the discord server of the asset jam? Heres link if you like to: nothing serious here just weird goofy stuff.

Hello there, I like the music, funky I may say. I am quite happy to know you've joined my asset jam.


It sounds nice but I don't know the language.

Questions about the jam can be asked here.

Can we talk about this in discord? Heres is the link:

I am making a game and a "Entertainment game", I don't know the proper term. I'd like to ask if you want to collab with the "Entertainment game." Hope you reply and I wish you a nice day.


Hey man, if you see this I hope you reply.

Just make the jumping a have little less airtime, it is like very low gravity or something.

Very noice, you should make a full pledge game, I like the concept and the digging mechanics, it satisfies me when I get some long range shots on those capitalist soldiers. The jumping kinda needs some fix or maybe you made it like that. Overall I like it.

Imma check this one mate.

Is this some like live type of games?

Also, the I have some issue with the aim, it is not that accurate but I is noice all in all.



Very noice....

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Tell me if you need help. But I am not sure I could help you properly due to my "school works." Also I hope you check my game:

Hey, wanna collab on game development or something? Quarantine is really boring and I have no one to talk to. Hope you respond.

Long time no see, I checked the game and it scared the crap out of me. I like the concept but you should work on your graphics. I'd like to see this game in a much more noicer look.


Pretty noice, it actually fits the theme. I played it but is there any objective or is it just exploration and shooting random memes?

I'll check this one later.

It is "meme themed" games. 

You are not late to participate, you could join the discord server. The link is at the discord server topic.

Here is the new link it has no time limit but it can only be used 25 times.