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wow!! Thanks for that!! That is awesome :D

We are so glad that you liked it!! Thank you for all the compliments, it really motivates us to keep doing our best <3 

(1 edit)

Thank you for all the information and sorry it took so long to reply! We've been deep into some fixes and improvements for this demo.

Hopefully some of the fixes will give a fail safe for this Trumpet Fish challenge so it will not soft lock again.

I am glad you were able to get past it and try all of the content. Thank you for the videos, they help us a lot with verifying some possible improvements as well as catching some reasons behind bugs.

We appreciate the inputs on the boss fight. The jet attack now takes a little more time to start to give more time to get to the rock. 
About the phases, she actually have 3 phases. On the second phase she goes higher than on the first and you have to jump on more plataforms to get her. She is separated in low height, medium height, enrage and then really high. 

Thanks for the gameplay video! It was great to watch it! :D

Thank you for your reply! We are taking a look into the issue where enemies are not registering damage. This is a complicated bug since we can't reproduce it. Definitely hard to do.

We never opened 2 games at once, so that might have created a huge conflict with save files, since (for now) there's only 1 save slot created by the game. I believe that it could have created a conflict between the 2 and the save file was considered inexistent because one of the games did not have one.

For the edit portion:

We will check a way to make the noise appear when spawning on top of the player. Thanks for the input.

The ghost spawning is a problem, so thanks for finding that out. We will check a way to make sure it doesn't happen.

About the indication for changing time, this was an oversight on us. Thank you for noticing. We are actually building a mini-tutorial-ish similar to the other indications we have in-game. It will be an update very very soon!

We believe the enemy issue then is happening with the transition between time, since some situations in-game pause the flow of time for a bit (like cutscenes and boss fights). Maybe if one of these events happen during transition, we think it's breaking the system, so we need to look into it.

The trumpet fish bug seems to be related to the pause, so we are working on a fix for it. Sorry about this situation.

Hey there! Thank you for your input.

We are going to add an option for the map movement to be inverted, to help with that.

We will try to replicate the attack error.

For the water to go inside instantly, we will try to work on a polish for that. It works better on a Gamepad and it's a tad more smooth.

That bug of the water will be looked more into! Thank you for the information. 

The invincible enemies, were you trying to attack with a specific dragon? There is an elemental combat system and some of the dragons can't damage certain enemies in combat. Could that be related to your question? Some enemies will receive zero damage from a character that has a weaker element to it.

The rock is not the end. You have to burn the string in order to open the next area. We need to teach this a bit better to players in the game.

And for the abacus, it is not listed anywhere yet, but it will be added to the inventory Menu. For now it's only functioning to increase your maximum currency, but we haven't implemented the inventory to show it yet. It will be done soon.