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that's good to hear! I'm really excited for character development :V

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seriously tho, this game is amazing. I personally believe that ichigo could use some fleshing out, though - her constant talk about BL is irritating (shallow character, is what i mean). Toshio's a jerk, and I still don't trust him, but I bet he'll turn out to be a good guy at heart. Kenji is adorable, and I want to find out what exactly happened to him.. Seems interesting. Then there's yuta, who seems a little... too nice, so im wondering if he has anything going on. BUT anyway- this story is really intriguing, and I genuinely like most of the characters. the art style is adorable, too. Thanks for making this, and I can't wait till the rest is released?

*30 seconds or so in* that went from yee haw to yee naw REAL quick

it was really cool! I loved meeting all the different characters with their uh, unique personalities. I can't wait to see how it turns out ! :>

This looks really good! And wow, it downloaded surprisingly fast for me. My computer is kinda slow. I'll update this game after i play through the demo, here we go --

Ok but seriously, I love this game. All of the characters are interesting, the story is interesting... I love it. I can't wait till the full version is released!

okay, this is epic

Ah, thanks for clarifying! Sorry, I'm new to this platform, and I'm trying to figure stuff out. I managed to download it through my browser (just not the app, for some reason) and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for explaining the way payment works to be me.


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I'm having trouble downloading it... I'm confused. Do you need to pay for it? I clicked "just take me to the downloads", clicked download, but nothing showed up.- edit: im gonna try it in browser, i think that's why it wasn't working. Maybe the download process has trouble with the app?