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"No demand" carries over between runs

No, thank you! It's greatly improved now, but if you ever revisit this, being able to see what action is next (or previous) in the cycle (or just being able to see the whole cycle), without having to go back to the menu would be nice

Tome is very strong. Just 2 tomes makes commons on par with uncommons, and more makes them even stronger. 

UI could use some work. Having to go back to a menu to select an action is awkward. As a suggestion, up and down are free to cycle through actions.

This build deals over 170 damage a turn. Belt of Knives is insanely strong.

Yeah, there's a reason why I marked it incomplete

Personally, I prefer info up front. Static discharge is a real mixed bag, getting toasted by torches was pretty brutal actually.

Amazing new update, just a some things I noticed.


  • Stairs can spawn in a place where they "block off" another part of the level


  • No tooltips for currently evoked runes, meaning you can't see what the rune evoked by Chaos Accretion does
  • There is no loading screen, so starting a game or going downstairs, the game appears to freeze for a while
  • Tiles above walls are greatly obscured
  • A way to see perks taken would be nice, perhaps a tooltip for the player, or a menu
  • The shop dummy gets the alerted icon
  • The tooltips for enemies only display resistances, not other modifiers, such as attack (i.e. archum, medusa), movement (i.e. winged snake), on death, or other (i.e. scobo)
  • Cheat death perk should specify that it only blocks hp loss below one, and does not act as a heal


  • Static discharge makes it far to easy to kite melee enemies
  • Leap + Recoil direction is inconsistent
  • Cheat death is rather weak, perhaps a heal up to 50% max hp upon otherwise fatal damage
  • Ice rune + quick evocation means stunlocking single enemies
  • I don't see why double of one type of rune gets bonus range, especially since the splash already gives it more effective range
  • Blue Wizard doesn't need the bonus health over red, it is already very strong
  • Not a  fan of the Lightning just be Fire with a wider damage range. Perhaps slightly weaker but has +1 range?

Lovely game, all the scoring feels intuitive, except for one tile: the beach. I've accidently put beaches on land far to often. Feel like beaches should work the other way around, being put on land, and gaining +1 per side touching the sea. Would encourage the player to put them in peninsulas, instead of having beaches in the middle of an island.

Cool game, but a roguelike requires permadeath and random generation. Turning on permadeath and randomizer gets you 70% of the way there, but random terrain would help a lot. Still a nice adventure game though. Controls were a little sticky for me, don't know if that's a problem on my end or intentional.

"I just want to see feet is that so wrong?"

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