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What a cute game, sweet stories to pass the time


How do you find the inventory???? My cloak is stuck on for some reason

I was so very delighted with my first playthrough, love love love it <3 Will keep playing over and over again! So well written and such pretty art 

1. Did you enjoy it overall?

I adored it, so sad

2. Who was your favorite character?

The protagonist.  I love them as a character, and whether they're more emotional or androidy,  they are so layered and I loved it.

3. Anything that could be improved?

I'd love a sequel!

4. Favorite/least favorite part?

My favourite part would be the ending of the route where she loves Caeser but knows she must kill him, I cried so much. 

What an amazing game, the art is beautiful, the writing is perfect, i love love love this game! Worth thrice the price, and the story was giving me butterflies and heart twangs. 10/10 would recommend again and again, can't wait to play the other routes!!!