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The audio on this game is intense. Once I figured out what to do I was worried about every turn in the basement and what could be behind the corner.

Really creepy game. I loved the sound design and how every little noise make me look for a source, and that bathroom mirror was great.

Really tense gameplay, the comparison to Puppet Combo is warranted but I felt like this was more fair than most of their games.

Extremely well done, thank you for the key!

The audio mechanics are a bit weird, but with careful listening it can be followed. Also that heartbreaking ending...

It's the 3rd game I played in this video.

It's pretty brutal, being sent back to the start for the smallest slip-up, and some mechanics don't feel so intuitive at first. I did push through though and complete it, and the monster designs are really creepy.

It's the second game I played in this video.
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Pretty enjoyable, but with the loops it feels almost like the monster teleports on top of the player sometimes. Really great for a game made within 72 hours!

It's the first game I played in this video.

Really good continuation to the Cage-Face mythos. Interesting to see such a monster's lore built up like this.

Really creepy and atmospheric. I had a lot of fun with this and some good reactions, and thank you very much for helping with the correct pronunciation!

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It's certainly interesting. The concept plays off real world horrors more than most horror games, but it comes off as kind of abstract. Somewhat fitting for the main character's psyche.

Thank you for the key.

The direction was kind of weird, I didn't understand it at first but got the gist eventually. It's a lot of jumpscares and loud noises, but looking past that it's pretty creepy.

The small view distance really helps the creep factor, and the monster design is great.

Pretty enjoyable. There's a strong creepy factor thanks to the ambient noises, and I like the story being conveyed across different servers. I only wish the story was a bit more concise.

I kept wanting to quit but my one more try ended up turning into almost an hour. It's difficult for sure, but somewhat fair and enjoyable.

I loved everything about this game! It has an awesome style, interesting characters, and the tension and scares are fantastic. Worth multiple replays for sure.

I really liked the build up for the actual game. Creepy reading those documents and going into it knowing it's not going to be a good time. Fantastic game.

A surprisingly bright horror game. I loved the art style, very Psychonauts-esque but it's own gritty thing, and the little dancing dudes were awesome!

I really liked the design and implementation of a PT style. It looks great, but sadly felt like it didn't wrap up very well, would love to see a full game of this type with a conclusion.

Your English is fine, glad you saved your egg friend!

Really cute, until it's not. Corruption of childhood things is one of my favorite styles of horror, and I'm glad I played through for both endings. Fun game.

Loved the design, the chase was perfect but a bit confusing at first, and some of the jumpscares really got to me. Awesome game!

Extremely fun game, such a bizarre story that actually seems to work well, and some gross imagery. Well done.

Sadly I ran into the looping end bug as well, but I love the premise for this game. The art is great, the story interesting, and that witch at the end was really creepy.

I thought the idea was pretty solid, a hectic game about finding which lights are out, but unfortunately I ran into a bit of an issue at what I think was the end of it.

I really liked this demo, shows off an interesting concept with some good scares and bizarreness. Looking forward to the full game!

Almost 3 years ago I played this game, being new to YouTube, but this has always stood out as one of my favorites. The atmosphere that this game has is amazing, without any of the cheap jumpscares. It's short but tense and I'm glad I could revisit it in my anniversary video.

A decent start, I could see this getting better with more growth and development

Captured the feel of a horror movie extremely well.  A bit confused about what happened in the dark area, but it all worked out.

Had some issues with the doors, but this was a pretty creepy game with an interesting story.

I'm guessing that the second key wasn't fully developed, since I wasn't able to find a way to pick it up, but the game is a pretty solid start. A bit of mystery, add some atmosphere, and I could see this looking really good.

This was amazing. It's long for sure, but it's such a slow burn with a great payoff and story that makes it worthwhile.

Ridiculously cute and creepy. The characters are all interesting on their own right, and the setting reminds me of The Nonary Games settings.

Honestly, this needs a lot of work before release, let alone charging 5 dollars for it.

It's plagued with typos, areas where you can just get stuck and missing textures, a monster in the later part that is either invisible or didn't load, and a lack of direction due to notes that are unreadable.

Really creepy, the monster design was great and the build up was solid.

Definitely weird, the jumpscare got me pretty good, but I wish the ending wasn't reliant on the player giving up.

It was the 3rd game I played in this video.
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Really unsettling, and gave me a Layers of Fear vibe. I couldn't believe that the monster didn't want a hug.

It was the second game I played in this video.

Really good entry for the 2 minute horror jam, it's the first game I played in this video.

Some of the more ambient horror like the noises were great, but I feel like the jumpscares were a bit too obvious.

Gotta admit though, the fake out did startle me.

Really liked this, and how it devolved into more and more weirdness as you played.

Still stumped on a few of the endings, but I got every one I could think of or find.

Really creepy, loved the design of everything, and was totally worth getting all of the endings via little differences in how you play the game.

Fun, cute, creepy cast of characters, a ton of references to Stranga's catalog of games, and a bunch of funny moments.
If you liked My Big Sister be sure to check out this prequel featuring The Red Witch before her lust for legs took over.

Hilarious and creepy. The baby gives off that scary puppet vibe, while the environment is comfortable enough for it to get weird.