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Played this as part of a 3 random horror games video, and while a bit weird and confusing had some good spooky moments too it. Thanks for releasing it!

Played this as the 2nd of a 3 random horror games video, and I loved the mechanic and how creepy it turned out to be. The openness of the story and possibility of a threat left me wanting more to it.

Loved loved loved this game, even if it was frustrating at times. The constant threat of Mr Hopps was great, the deaths/scares were perfect, and the ending was stressful. I played this as the last game in my 3 horror games video and had a blast!

It's cute, a little bit of Dark Deceptions, a dash of Five Nights at Freddy's and a hint of Slenderman (mostly in name). A bit simple once you realize what the sigils do but I had a lot of fun running around without using them.

Gave it a try along with 2 other horror games, it's a start to a game but there needs to be a lot more than just jumpscares and key fetching.

Gave it a try along with a few other games, it's... playable I guess?

A well made horror game, with some good ideas adapted from Bendy and the Ink Machine it seems.

Only part that annoyed me was the under the hat searching since there didn't seem to be anything to differentiate the hats, but overall enjoyed it and the textures are well done for MSPaint, providing a clear design idea.

So glad I was able to save the dog, and getting revenge for my first playthrough was so sweet. I had some weird bug where he kept spinning in place, but overall the game is short and sweet, well done.

Thanks for the addition of English to the game, the atmosphere is overly creepy and unsettling, and that jumpscare took me by surprise.

I love the design, almost PS1 style of the backrooms, and even the sprite based monster got me a few times. The full screen jumpscare was surprising the first time, and I almost thought I broke the game when I found the exit. Well done.

Loved the creepy atmosphere, the looping nature, and the creative puzzles. Thanks for an interesting game (even if the wall crushing is kinda broken a bit).

Really good designs at both a creepy environment and an office workspace, and loved the ending.

Really well done, funny and cute with some decent scares throughout, with some interesting character. The translations do need some work though, as most of them are undecipherable gibberish.

I love these types of cute-but-evil-behind-the-curtain style of games, the jumpscares were pretty well timed, and it leaves you puzzled as you play wondering what the payoff will be.

Only real issue was the platforms don't carry the player, but I can understand not having time for fixing that as it is a jam game.

I really enjoyed the environment, and how easy it was to get lost in the woods. Also that fist pumping skeleton is the best.

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Uh as far as I know of I am...

I was seriously impressed at how the level design and sounds really made this a good horror experience. Taking some inspiration off of PT it shapes it into a small concise story with some good scares thrown in. Well done.

I'd be more than happy to keep playing Slender New Hope once it's fully ready. :)

Dude your sound design and graphics look amazing! Things rustling in the trees and catching glimpses of whatever I can barely see really amps up the scares.

My only complaint so far is that Slenderman seems to crawl around REALLY fast, so escaping from him once he appears is impossible, and with him suddenly showing up behind you randomly, such as in the church towards the end of the video or even his head poking through a wall being enough to kill me it makes gameplay brutally difficult.

Proxies are like Slendermans minions from Slender The Arrival.Basically brainwashed and drained people. I feel like Slenderman is enough of a constant threat that proxies would be way too overbearing.

Really liked this one, the constant pressure of not only fixing a generator but also getting back to to the main room was really tense. It was the third game I played in this 3 random horror games video.

I liked the trippy design and how bizarre the monsters looked, but gameplay just seems to get stale rather quickly and the ability to escape is often hindered by complete RNG. It was the second game I played in this video of 3 random horror games.

The game looks amazing, and lighting is top notch. I just wish there was some notice or animation that played when you ran out of air, but you made me feel like there was something there even though I never saw anything. Well done.

Gave it a try for a bit this morning, was able to get 7/8 notebooks and showed off some of the new RNG and items. Really can't wait to delve back in and do a full run of the demo.

An interesting take on The Theater creepypasta, the old school graphics are a nice touch but some conclusion to the game would have been appriciated, instead of just closing to the desktop. Overall I enjoyed this short take on a classic creepypasta.

I really like the design of the monsters chasing you, but it has one of the weirdest things where you need to hold the mouse to pick up anything or open doors. Really takes you out of it where you need to stop while being chased. I completed Chapter 1 and 2, and the story seems nice but the characters sound like they're the same person almost. A full release would be awesome though, I'd like to see what happens at the school.

Seriously got me good at certain parts, a good baseline for a story and left me wanting more. Can't wait for the full release.

For an alpha this is a pretty solid start. The monster is creepy, the sounds are terrifying and startling, and layout is easy to get lost in. The lightbulbs are a little difficult to find, especially once you leave the starting area, but I was able to find all 5. Looking forward to updates, and I gave some more feedback in my video.

Absolutely loved the design, though I did run into a few edges that we're completely sealed letting my see into the void. The big dude is seriously imposing and when he chases you it gets pretty hectic.

Awesome little horror game with some creepy sounds, decent layout and even a maze I didn't get annoyed by easily. The monster is a great threat, making sounds and patrolling but easy to run away from, and the ending shows theres a bit more thought into it then just "Get to the end without dying"

Fantastic demo showing off both some great asset design as well as sound design. The thing you're going up against is creepy in the best way, but I wish the initial task was better explained. The note states to close your eyes but that is only for a later point. Well done, looking forward to the full release.

I seriously loved this game solely from it's sound design. The graphics are very bare bones, but the creepy noises and sounds the monsters make really keep you on edge. Well done!

Some decent ideas but too many default or stock assets that I've seen in so many other games that it breaks any immersion I could have had. With some changes I could see it being well received.

I really love the design and effects in this version of the backrooms. The constant noises and increasing ringing really starts to get at you, and the massive area leaves you wandering lost. Plus if you come across it at a weird time it's really startling.

Fantastically designed monster, sound and levels. The inspiration provided by Amnesia is front and center (sometimes a little too much) but the groundwork of this game and it's story is solid. Looking forward to a full release.

Short little fun game, seemed to glitch the ghost into a single room and was able to explore for most of the game, but the constant sound made me on edge the entire time.

Really good idea but the damage on the shotgun seems so low that they take a ton of hits to drop. The level design and sound is on point though.

I loved the sound design and how so many events seemed to be just outside the players view. I'm guessing the end is when it keep fading to black as I couldn't find anyway for that not to happen, but this seems like a great foundation to a game.

The demo is great, showing the weirdness the is to come. I get some really fun Earthbound/Mother vibes from the attack designs and monsters, with that "childhood thing corrupted" mentality that you see a lot of. Looking forward to the full game, I need to protect that pupper.