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Flamez Plays

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The creepy background noises and lighting restrictions really nailed the horror aspects, plus I gotta say the dragon/demon thingy was kiiiinnddaaa cute. Thanks for making this, it's very well done.

This was enjoyable, but I did run into an issue where every time I touched the monster the game would just crash. I'll take a look at the other games you made, and thanks for releasing this one.

Thanks a lot for making this, had a blast with a funny slender style game, and loved the Tommy Wiseau reference.

Wow, this completely, captured the paranoia of walking around alone, let alone at night. The mind really can play some tricks on you with some proper guiding.

Thanks for making it.

Cute little game, reminded me a lot of "There Is No Game".

You nailed it! I love tension and atmosphere horror and this was an amazing experience.

What if Half-Life and Duke Nukem had a baby? It'd probably be like Minimal Freeman, a fast paced game using 2D sprites of Half-Life enemies and weapons, while being faster pace similar to Quake and Duke Nukem. Check out my gameplay video here:

I gave it a try and it's really fun. Controls are fluid and animation is great, I'd just suggest getting an editor to fix a lot of the typos and grammatical issues. Otherwise though it was a blast, and I look forward to the full game.

This was really good. Had some strong PT vibes and built a genuinely spooky atmosphere. The demo was scarce on Jump Scares, which is great as any game that can scare without startling gets a plus in my book.

This was over the top weird and I loved it The rap at the start was great, the voices were ridiculous to match the characters, and the idea of his ego being his life bar was clever.

Well done, the filters were a nice effect and gave it an old school VHS feel, and the slow reveal was awesome. Thanks.

This game was awesome, had a twist I was not expecting, and really haunting design in the sound and level. Well done, you should be proud.

This game was awesome, had a twist I was not expecting, and really haunting design in the sound and level. Well done, you should be proud.

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Wow this game was really peaceful, music was relaxing and I never felt stressed while playing. Would recommend this for sure to anyone looking for a relaxing game.

Great game, glad to see it here as well. Take a look at my video from the Jam and I'm looking forward to you guys fleshing it all out.

I'm not a fan really of maze games, and I'm actually really happy you said you wanted to rework this into something bigger. The phone mechanic is interesting and I could see evovling and building upon it, and hopefully having a better enemy in it.

Great game dude, had me laughing and missing what could have been a great conclusion to a series. 

This game was sooooo cute, and I love the design of all the puppers. Had to give my dog extra tummy rubs after spending so long with these virtual doggies.

Really enjoyable, and I can see what you took from this and put into Urbex. Would suggest giving it a go.

This was really fun, and a nice change of pace. Controls were smooth, and it was an enjoyable game to relax with. Take a look at my video below:

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God damn was this a well designed game. Music and sound was on point, there were very little "jump scares" and it was more atmospheric and tense. Absolutely loved this and would urge anyone to play it. 

Cute game, really got me once but overall nicely made. Had some fun while playing it.

Fun game, but the inflation description was kinda off. Overall though it was pretty cool.

Creepy, and had a good message.

Interesting idea, and clever use of the crowbar. Gave it a play on my channel and had fun, plus linked it back here. Thanks for making this!

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It's a cute horror game, I think that the monster could be better modeled as it kinda looks like smoke with lightning bugs, but overall it's a pretty decent free horror game. Check out my gameplay video below:

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Well this renewed my fear of mannequins. Take a look below for my playthrough

I loved this demo, even if I died horribly every time. Seriously difficult, but doesn't ever feel "cheap" when you lose. Give it a try, or watch my gameplay.

Very well made game, loved every second of it, and the idea of an smart phone assistant going haywire was cool. 

As a pup owner myself I just knew I had to go and pet all the pups at this party. The art is adorable and the dogs are too damn cute. 12/10, they're all good dogs brant.