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Bite-sized but has some great suspense and the payoff scare isn't too bad at all.

Really great build up, getting unsettling until one of the endings got me extremely good. Loved every second of it even if the controls confused me a bit in the beginning.

This was full of headscratchers but it felt so rewarding solving the puzzles and getting to the end of the demo. Loved the atmosphere that the notes convey and looking forward to the full release of it!

I really liked how unsettling it was, those cardboard cutouts are great set pieces for turning corners. The actual reveal of Amy was tense, but sadly restarting seemed to reset all the doors and the lock so I wasn't able to test my ideas about getting to the end.

I liked the idea of fishing horror, the monster looks great, and the minigame is cute. The controls though are like trying to drive a block of jello through liquid nitrogen while you have a badger gnawing you on your ankle. 

It wasn't bad, but it was very clearly a mobile game even on the PC release. Interaction buttons being all over the place just made it more confusing,  the physics with dropping down need some polishing,  and overall it just felt like a bunch of rooms loosely connected.  The monster model was pretty interesting though.

It takes the idea of a typical analogue horror game, but adds such a great depth to it that makes it even more unsettling. Great work and looking forward to the full release.

Awesome work capturing the creepiness of the original story with your own vibe to it. Really makes you paranoid at every light and sound in the game.

While the scares were pretty much always expected, the story really hits hard and doesn't pull any punches.

A collaboration of some of the biggest names in internet horror right now. I loved the charm and the overall weirdness of every second of the game and so worth playing through multiple times to see everything.

Great work! The puzzles were not too hard but we're certainly thought provoking, and the overall vibe was very creepy. Only ran into one game breaking bug but that's pretty common for me.

It is in the room, making an audible sound.

That chase was brutal, and I somehow managed to break the game by jumping in the small section where the game just couldn't handle it.

Pretty decent scares though.

Took me a bit to find the gun, but once I did the tension ramped up even more. Looks great aside from the  slightly exaggerated fish eye lens effect that makes it feel a bit drunk-ish.

Creepy and leaves questions, just like a proper demo should be. I ran into some stuttering issues, even at high graphics, but otherwise the game is looking great.

The build up was fantastic, starting as a bit off, then getting more and more disturbing until the great payoff. Well done!

For your first horror game, you absolutely nailed the creep factor and how to accent it with the design and music. Very few games have actually triggered such dread in me, it was a really good job.

Really lulled me in with just creepy sounds, that the reveal got me so good. Great work with the atmosphere and the tagging mechanic.

I didn't have "Vampire Jigsaw" on my bingo list for this halloween, but this was pretty fun. 

Great work taking the 2d style and adapting it to 3d. Really tense moments trying to plot out which rooms to check, and  it gets pretty hectic.

The reveal got me good. The only thing that seemed to trip me up a few times was the spawning during the chase, and my own hopes for a secret ending.

Loved the transition between the model's face. Really creepy and solid puzzles. Looking forward to the full game!

While I did enjoy Reunion more for it's scares, the action scenes in this were great. My only complaint is that the audio mixing felt a bit low sometimes.

This was so good! I loved the characters, the art style, the minigame being both simple and stressful, and the writing was great. Grizz and Pearl make such a fun contrast between their styles and handling of the situation.

Simple, but really good at building up tension. Loved the design of the monster and the reveal, and the multiple endings were fun to get.

Got me a few times, and the panic I had when I realized I was getting the secret ending was real. Great work and worth replaying for the endings.

A perfect mix of absurd fun, and actual scares.

It's hard to describe what felt off about the game, but it felt like I was zoomed in and moving too fast (possibly the FoV), coupled with the darkness making it hard to determine the level layout.  The actual death though was great, and I would totally get roundhouse kicked by a bunny again.

It's the second game I played in the video.

That jumpscare got me by complete surprise. The model is creepy, the gameplay was to the point, and I had a fun time.

It's the first game I played in this video.

Great work! Really amped up the dread and the payoff was fantastic. Glad I hunted around for all the endings, and that you fixed the only real complaint I had about the shopping.

Ran into what seems like a bug, once it goes to commercial break I'm unable to interact with anything, and letting the clock run causes the game to crash at 4:58 each time.

Absolutely love the art style and how each enemy was unique enough. Late in the game it gets pretty hectic as I tried to escape but it was a lot of fun.

Deliciously absurd but so much fun. The AI leads to great scares when Lovey Dovey comes around the corner. Only thing I could recommend is some type of radar function when you're down to the last 5 toilets or so, but they are all pretty easy to find.

Those scares got me good! Thanks so much too for including a load spot so I could jump right into the additional endings in the alternative story. Really well made and had me jumping.

Pretty solid, lulling me into a false sense of security before the scares start. I managed to get both endings BUT my recording had an issue on the good ending so I retried it over and over until my sanity finally broke.

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A fantastic demo that roped me in and made me want more, just like any good demo should. The scares got me a few times!

Fantastic art style, puzzles that are headscratching but not frustrating, and a really good story from start to end. Awesome work done by all of you on the team!

Great work again! Loved the story and how open it feels while still feeling coherient-ish, the doctor looking good as ever, and Dalu sends chills up my spine.

Simple, but surprisingly tense at some parts and has a good payoff for multiple playthroughs. Great work!

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The scares got me good, but the controls seemed to go crazy with the mouse sensitivity and it make some jumps/chase almost impossible for some reason. Solid game aside from that mouse issue.