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Horrifying in ways you really don't expect. I loved the curiosity which quickly turned scary, really capturing how it could feel as a child going out on their own.

This was a great play. I loved the art style and how the flashlight changed the textures, the actual puzzle was fun to work out, and that ghost is creepy as hell.

It was a lot of fun and kinda creepy, but I'm not exactly sure what the mechanics were. I never was able to get Saiko to finish off Yui no matter how full or hungry she was.

Very weird phrasing in the game, but it was pretty enjoyable. A few scares, a creepy atmosphere, and a fun little hunt for dolls to DESTROY.

Simple, cute, and surprisingly tense when you're looking for the last figure. 


I feel like the game falls heavily onto a development trap of "I know where things are, so the player will too." but there's a lot searching and a ton of interactables that stand in the way. That said, the story and design was good, and I'm looking forward to how you all grow as developers.

Just the right mix of questions and answers to make you want more, with a pretty deep story under the short gameplay.

Builds up a lot of creepy atmosphere, with a cute and comical depiction. Luckily I hadn't run into as many issues as some people seemed to have, and for a game jam game this was a lot of spooky fun.

Un-Sets are so much fun, and you definitely nailed the feeling. Some of that card art you have in game is just amazing. Bravo to the artists.

I really liked all of the characters and their little snippets sharing their lives. I'm a lover of card games, so it was fun trying to understand how the card game would work and sadly the game ended before me and Discordia could have a chance to play.  A great mix of humor and heartfelt meaning throughout the story as well.

Not bad at all, but you really seemed to like that scare. A bit confusing but I get the general idea of the story.

Some good jumpscares, some weirdness, and some fun moments. A good showing for a day of development.

Pretty fun little cleanup, a few lingering questions but it was pretty good and had some tense moments.

It's got some solid moments, but some scares seemed disconnected from the story. Gave me some really strong What Remains of Edith Finch vibes through the game.

Baragoth is one of those games that seems short just looking at it, but really makes you want to replay to get a better time. It's simple to play, but fun to master.

You can tell a lot was put into this, but the key-fetching style gameplay and lack of direction puts a bit of a sour onto it. I also didn't see any way out of the end of the video at all.

Really fun little visual novel that plays the AI gaining sentience trope well, fun little quirks and cute design. Loved the shareware limitations as well.

The perfect mix of cute and scary. You can tell something is off as soon as Flora meets someone.

Really fun, scares were great, and it was worth it replaying it again to get the multiple endings.

One of the better Granny style games, just wish it wasn't so brutal by resetting all progress on each death, and I did run into a bug that got me stuck in a dresser.

Awesome work, and I totally realized halfway through that Oddworld was the same as Abe's Odyssey. You nailed the style of the game while adding a horror aspect to it.

I enjoyed this. Atmosphere was creepy, the monsters are represented well, and it has a pretty decent length of gameplay.

If you're someone who likes puzzles, this is really good. One I could pick up on, one I needed a hint for, and one left me completely in the dark. It's more "Escape Room" than horror game, but has a creepy atmosphere which plays well with the story.

It had a great feel to it, and aside from some typos I had a blast playing it. That ending was so well timed. It's the second game I played in this video.

The monster looked great, and for your first horror game it played pretty well. I'd suggest spreading the generators out a bit more, maybe make the map larger, because it's pretty straight forward as it is.

It packs a lot of dread and atmosphere in such a small form factor, and the payoff works really well for the length of the game.

For your first game it was pretty enjoyable! Only thing I would recommend is proofreading the script to fix typos, but the monsters were fun and weird and the game had a good sense of tension to it.

The story is fun, characters are charming, mechanics are simple enough but the progression of threats is well paced. Awesome work.

This was actually a pretty decent modernization of Slender. It did seem a bit weird to see him lumbering around, and some randomization of the notes would help a lot with both keeping the player on edge and replayability.

Tense and creepy, and I'm very impressed that the camera was bound to an actual object so you could see it from the bed.

Really cool idea and I loved both the payoff and the change in control. Looking forward to how this develops.

A really trippy style of game, with some good scares and I had a lot of fun working out how to get the secret ending.

If you like jumpscares, this is the type of game for you. The first part plays like a slenderman style game, but the second part relies a bit too much on jumpscares, especially full screen ones.

Congrats on the game release dude!

Cute characters and bizarre scares, interesting use of FMV between scene transitions, and references for any fans of the channel. Looking forward to the webcomic!

Not at all a bad homage to Silent Hill 2, the environment is creepy and dark, the monsters are hellish, and that scare at the end was perfectly timed.

The atmosphere of a home invasion was very good, and I'm glad we were able to rescue Kayla as well.

Bizarre, but kinda enjoyable and fun to get the multiple endings. 

This was a lot of fun. I loved how the keys were placed, and the environments changes throughout the course of the game.

It's a unique enough demo, though I had some weirdness with the lock picking, and once you get 10 keys the tension really does ramp up just for fear of losing them while looking for the door. Interested in seeing how this translates to a full release, and I had a lot of fun playing it!