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It's a weird one but somehow it's unpolishedness makes it even funner. For some reason I lost it at the soldiers who powerslide constantly, but I feel like having more story shown in game would add a lot to it's credibility. Keep at it, and I can't wait to see what you release in the future.

Hey Matt! Another awesomely designed monster and I loved how the game takes a really trippy route leaving more questions which seem to be open for interpretation. That antagonist really took me by surprised, and the music playing while you're outside is perfect for chase scenes. Thanks for releasing this!

It's an interesting idea, is it based off of a folk lore? The story was good but the roundabout ending was the only point that caused issues with me. A few playthroughs though and I got the final ending. Thanks to releasing this.

A perfect little game to scare you, condensing such a simple routine and managing to stress you out, lure you into a sense of security, and dash it in a 3 minute package. Awesome and I can't wait for more games from you. It was the last game I played in this video at 26:04.

The inspirations from Bendy are clear, but there are many bugs and just overall weird design choices that push me away from the game. The first time I played it I actually was able to trigger the Find The Exit objective multiple times, overwriting what my actual objective way. Being able to see out of the map in many areas, triggering the voice recording repeatedly causing an echo, and other small bugs build up into some major complains. I played it as the 3rd game in my video, at 16:20.

I really liked the camera mechanic,  but just wish the story was a little more fleshed out. The scares were good, the tension was great and that knocking really gets to you. This was the first game I played in my video.

I gotta be honest, I went in with low expectations due to it being a maze game, but the charm and overall weirdness was awesome, and I'm glad I went back to get myself killed. I was kinda expecting the monster to be patrolling around. Well made, funny and a good challenge. Thanks for releasing this.

Interesting little demo, shows a good amount of lore while bringing the player in, and overall just weird. The lack of checkpoints was an issue but this game has a solid base and I can't wait til the full game comes out.

An interesting platformer but I'm not sure how it was madness or horror inducing. The double jump gave me some issues at certain points but it was interesting as a first game.

Played it around 10:40 as part of a 3 random horror games video.

Heavily inspired by BatIM its an interesting little game for sure. I'm not 100% on the story but it's got some good scary moments.

Weird, fun, and enjoyable, what else should I expect from you Deerpy! Had some fun glitching up the trees and that ending. Can't wait to see what you do outside of the Terror Engine!

Played it as part of 3 random horror games, gameplay is at 17:10

Played this when it was originally only on Gamejolt and it is a fantastic game.

Really well done on the model, absolutely scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. The map layout was alright, and I'm happy I was able to beat it on my last run.

This game has a lot of promise to it, a FNAF style survive the night with creepy monsters, unsettling sounds, and an environment thats familiar but off-putting in the dark. Typically I dislike playing surive the night games off stream because of the potential time commitment, but this is one I'll definitely be coming back to in the future.

I liked the lack of subtext, the weirdness of the diner, hell even the end credits seemed off. Who know how long those pancakes were out there for.

Really liked this game a lot. Not incredibly difficult but fun and the monster itself scared the crap out of me. Looking forward to your future games, hope you enjoy the video.

I loved this game, for all the wrong and right reasons. The closet legit freaked me out because it came so suddently, but the later jumpscares really need some retooling. Stealing the camera to show a scare isn't as effective as it just happening, and I went over a few other areas I feel could use some work. Looking forward to an updated demo and the full version, hope you enjoy my video.

Gave the second night a try and I gotta admit I liked the first night a lot better. This chapter had a lot of typos, and a few times where the text was off of the textbox. The cliffhanger seems like it will lead to something interesting, and I really hope it pays off and that Night 3 is even better.

This was an interesting retelling, the art style matches the tone perfectly, but I was able to cheese the bear dude by getting him stuck on some furniture. Best of luck to you, and I look forward to the future chapters!

Loved the unsettlingness of the early game, that dude in the hallway scared the crap out of me, and the door maze was an interesting little part which didn't seem to drag on too long. Only wish the ending was better defined as I thought it was a second part of the game to play.

Played through the demo and I'm a bit confused. There is another game available on called The Dead Times, that has the same layout, random door with a different control system, vents and even the exact same jump scare. You could imaging my confusion when everything was laid out in exactly the same way and I could speed through the demo without needing to find hidden stuff in the bookshelf or anything like that, but I wanted to give you a heads up in case they stole your design or something. Liked the idea, seems like it'll be pretty interesting if the final version does come out.

Loved the design of this game and it utilized the pixelation filter very well. The creatures were unsettling and the ideas were creepy enough on their own. Well done for a game jam, hell well done for any kind of game. Looking forward to your future released.

It's a weird experience but I wouldn't say much of a game. Not a fan of the story as it does put mental issues in a bad light, especially with the ending, but I could see this being interesting in VR.

I really like the weirdness of the entire thing, the smoking boxes, barbed wire strewn about, and that thing at the end. The ending walk alone blew my mind as the draw distance caused it to feel like the wire was spiraling around me. Awesome little game.

I really liked the abstract level design, the creepy environments, and the monsters that appear. Also thank you so much for having a maze that isn't annoying as I could actually see where it wanted me to go!

2 minutes is a hell of an understatement. The anger than swells when something moves aside and shows you that one speck of blood or.... tongue(?) that you missed is something most games do not have. I had a blast playing it and look forward to your future games.

Loved the demo, the hooded dude got me really good. Cant wait until the game is fully released!

Had a lot of fun working out how to best serve the Lord of Dough and Sauce. Thanks!

Really nice demo that I hope gets fleshed out more. The old school design seems to play well, and the soccer ball "puzzle" was actually pretty neat. Plus it got a good scare or 2 out of me which most of my recent games haven't been able to do.

Absolutely loved this game. The design catches your eyes quickly with it's "Slightly Brighter Tim Burton Mixed With David Firth" style but actually playing through it leave a weird taste in your mouth as you realize whats going on with the family. I had to replay it instantly to find the best possible ending, along with all the conversation pieces. Thank you for this really fun and bizarre game with a solid message behind it.

I played prior to the Mr Twigs rebranding but I really liked the gameplay. It's a simple design and simple gameplay which can get challenging if you allow the scarecrow to get in your head. The sound design is great with the random ambient noises, and the only thing I could see adding to it would be more randomization in the glyth locations. I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a few minutes of enjoyment for free.

A weird and fun way to play. Reminded me a lot of something like Dragon Naturally Speaking, but the idea of controlling and firing with your voice is really different. Of course I ran into some issues with firing in a reasonable time, and I didn't know I could use WASD to control my character, but with polish or time spent on the game to handle the timing I could see it being a fun little challenge game like IWBTG or Getting Over It.

Overall I liked the design of it, the monsters and set looking like props out of The Thing, the smallish area so getting lost is not an issue, and the sound design was very nice. I could see the idea being fleshed out more and being made into a full game, but for a survey testing various types of scares it was pretty decent for what it promised. I filled your survey out, and I'm still hoping to find out what happened to our arms.

The transition between Point and Click and Visual Novel is done very well. The real photos with a filter add to the unsettlingness of the game, and the world building is very strong. I like how the monsters are described, picturing some Lovecraftian/Dead Space monster in my mind, but never shown to keep it a mystery. The cliff hanger was solid, and I'll be sure to check out future chapters.

Such a weird mix of abstract creep and abstract humor. I really enjoyed the design style, and the monochrome, morphing art added to the unsettling feel the game had. I'm interested in seeing how these stories all connect, and what else is in store for us.

I didn't have any of the issues previous videos reported, and was able to complete the game. Really liked the layout of the house, it felt very natural and like an actual house. All the assets are well made and the subtle changes to the pictures was an amazing touch that had me doubting myself if they were there before or not. 

I really like the unsettlingness of the house, the low view distance, and even the creepy sounds our walking made. Once I said that I was breaking into a house though, my dog Chip started licking my elbow telling me I shouldn't do bad things. So we took a non-stealing approach and found the good ending. Thanks a lot for the interesting game, and I look forward to what else you make

Really interesting idea, kinda like those "sit in a chair and watch the experience" style games, with a little chore to keep yourself busy. I feel like using options other than the door, like the shelf falling over, audio positioned behind the player, etc, would really make the game feel more stressful. Thanks for a fun game, and it was the first in my Paddle themed video.

This was pretty weird, pretty familiar, and pretty creepy all in one. I played it as the second game in my Paddle Video, and reminisced about Arkanoid, Break Out and other classic gaming. Thanks!

Quick and Memey, honestly just what I was hoping for as a game to relax with. Only wish there was some reference to Dante from Devil May Cry...