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Flamez Plays

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I really liked the brightness of the bear, a good contrast between the chase and how cuddly it could be. Was also so happy I didn't need to redo the entire game if I died and there were psudo checkpoints. Had a great time, thanks for it.

Unfortunately I played the preupdate version, so it was a little too dark, but like I said on the trailer on YT I love the aesthetic of American McGee's Alice meets Resident Evil, and the nurse and monsters add in a bit of Silent Hill to the mix.

Looking forward to the full game, it seems like this will be a unique one to enjoy.

How about the crossover more epic than Infinity War? Baldi X Slenderman.

Gave it a try and its a really interesting start to the game. I enjoyed the Nightmare version of Hatchimals, and the gameplay didn't seem broken or anything. Thanks for making this.

I liked the design of the ghosts, gameplay seems good, story is interesting. I just had a little issue where I got stuck in the lamp, but thats easily overlooked since I have a penchant for doing that. Good job on the demo, looking forward to the full release!

I gave i a try when it was the older version, and I had a "fun" time more with the game design than I did playing it. Your hatchimals game was a good start, and I'll have that video coming out on Monday. Thanks.

Every time I play this I get hunted by Playtime and it's always my death. 

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I had fun with the first level, but bugs regarding doors and lights, as well as some issues I had with the second level's creature mechanics and the checkpoint system really turned me off of it. It shows promise, just need a bit of work for it to shine.

What happens when Poltergeist Disposal Unit Robots are lost in the endless void? We must mourn the lost so they are not forgotten.

But seriously I loved the idea, so unique and controls were really fluid. Got a bit annoyed at the maze part but everything else was great. Thanks so much for making this.

I had to rely on all my Slender knowledge, but even that I was tortured by Baldi and couldn't find more than 6/8 pages. Great mod, thanks a lot.

Loved it, loved how silly it was and how easy it was while still having a constant threat. Thanks a lot Deerpy.

I gotta admit, I got scared a few times but overall the game needs some work on sound design and audio recording. The pop in on textures is insanely low even on the highest settings, and the lack of emotion in everyone's voice really turns me away from the rest of the game. I look forward though to what you do to make it more polished, best of luck.

As always Dave nails it out of the park, with a simple but interesting game. I'd like it if it wasn't just item fetching (maybe a bit of puzzle or platforming or something) but it's a system that works very well for you and you have a nice style among all your games. Thanks for making it, and look forward to the next one.

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I liked the design, but I did find it to be very generic among most unity style games. Some diversity and changing up the props would go a long way in making it stand out. I have no idea how I missed the zombie boy until I turned around, that seemed like a great accidental scare as when I was John Wolfe play it afterwards he was clearly visable but it was definitely one of the more frightening moments.

This was really heartbreaking, and shows the disassociation that can occur after traumatic events. I didn't have the heart to get one of the endings, so I only had the Survive ending, but it was a really enjoyable game, and the moon was hilarious.

This was a really weird game, and I feel like I missed something completely but after I ran to the first base I still got attacked multiple times, so I just started trying to steal as many as I could. 

Usually I hate maze style games, as they rely on getting lost to pad the gameplay time, but this one was actually really good. The maze isn't large, and the ability to track both the objectives and the monster lead to me being determined to find the path, rather than brute force my way around looking for something. The mechanic reminded me a bit like Eyes, but more of a tracker than seeing through the monsters vision.

Had a blast playing this and noticed a few bugs which made it even funner. I had over 100 limbs chilling around the apartment, and a cop that was now part of the wall.

Interesting idea, and done differently that some of the other games that use a similar mix of education/trivia and horror. I got spooked a few times, and also felt kinda dumb at others. Really enjoyed it.

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I loved this game! It was so cute and the jump scares are perfectly placed to actually startle me. I also got more freaked out by the teleporting statue that most of the designs, but every character looked like they had their own story. Do you have any plans to build the game further?

I was actually shocked by how easy the game was, but oh boy if you mess up that thing is terrifying. The idea was cool but the execution could have been a bit better than "Turn off the TV/Hair Dryer/Kettle/etc" but overall I did enjoy it.

I played the LD41 version and really enjoyed it. Creepy atmosphere and a well made game, even if I was able to sometimes walk through walls (these have been fixed in the update it seems). Thanks for commenting (even if I forgot to post it here it seems), I'll be checking out the rest of your work.

This was a really stylized game, liked the interesting story and characters presented so far and I'm looking forward to the final game.

Safe to say I managed to starve myself to death as I was having too much fun riding carts around to remember to eat properly. Thanks for making this game.

Really captured the greenness of Outlast, though I had a hell of a time noticing the key on the table and thought it had to do with the CD and floppy disk.

Thanks for making it.
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Really enjoyed it, and how nothing made sense until the end and even that was left a little open ended. Good job, looking forward to the remaster.

Had a lot of fun playing it, even if I found a glitch. Apparently jumping while getting caught in a battle lets you still move around during the battle so we were able to get the remaining pokemon without getting caught again. Still like the idea, looking forward to what else you can do with it.

Such a weird game, loved the throwback to the old school educational games like Mavis Beacon and Windows 95 Maze, but the creepy unsettlingness of a good horror game.

The beginning was really cool, not sure why there was a Babadook book on the table but the eyes were creepy as hell. Then it kinda went downhill as the monster kept patrolling the hallway and I couldn't leave. Then the game decided to get me stuck and I couldn't walk correctly.

A few bugs, but could be worked out. Thanks for making it.

Fun little game, and the monster reminded me of a Dollar Store Jeff the Killer. Kinda confused though if it was the electrical company that sent the monster or if it's always lived there.

Loved the throwback to one of my favorite childhood nightmare fuels. Gotta respect The Man in Gauze.

Thanks for making this game, along with so many others that have kept me entertained.

Jeez this one got me good. Really cool design and idea, and the chasing is pretty terrifying if you dont pay attention. Thanks for making it.

The character design reminded me of a very toned down Borderlands, but thats the closest this gets to a fun time. It's a very somber look into xenophobia and the impact it has on it's victims, as well as loss and love. While not a horror game in the traditional sense it does play on people's fear of nonacceptance very well.


I love how this was a cute horror game, a huge departure from the normal gore I have on my channel. Thanks for making an enjoyable game.

The creepy background noises and lighting restrictions really nailed the horror aspects, plus I gotta say the dragon/demon thingy was kiiiinnddaaa cute. Thanks for making this, it's very well done.

This was enjoyable, but I did run into an issue where every time I touched the monster the game would just crash. I'll take a look at the other games you made, and thanks for releasing this one.

Thanks a lot for making this, had a blast with a funny slender style game, and loved the Tommy Wiseau reference.

Wow, this completely, captured the paranoia of walking around alone, let alone at night. The mind really can play some tricks on you with some proper guiding.

Thanks for making it.

Cute little game, reminded me a lot of "There Is No Game".

You nailed it! I love tension and atmosphere horror and this was an amazing experience.