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I loved the theming of the game, survival gameshows are a niche not explored often enough, and the monsters are creepy little things. Looking forward to seeing how Fear Tapes continues!

It really plays into some tropes, but it was pretty fun and had some good scares to it. The hallway scene got me pretty good.

It's the second game I played in the video.

I had a lot of fun going off on a tangent while playing this game. I had some confusion about the house layout, but the eyes across the road really helped me sleep well.

It's the first game I played in the video.

It's been a while since I've played a Backrooms game, but going into different levels and discovering the endings was a lot of fun. Good job!

An interesting take on the survey horror genre, a bit creepy, and the staff provided everything I asked for.

The monsters look great, really gross and threatening sounding. It's also a bit breakable, but that's totally a me thing as I tend to find exploits in games.

Very fun, but the AI was a bit lost it seems, though the drops did take me by surprise.

This was an absolutely phenomenal demo. Great scares and atmosphere, with enough to keep players wanting more. I'm sorry that your games never were on my radar before, I'll definitely be checking them out in the future.


If you're reading this, don't write this off as a PT clone. It has a solid story, fun scares and puzzles, and both endings are worth playing through to get. Awesome work.

A fantastic remake of the original, and I've been following Cage-Face since the first game and loved every iteration of it. The drawn scenes add a visceral feel to it, while the presence of the monster amps up the tension.

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Club Penguin was a bit past my time, but it did make me nostalgic for the social games of my past. Pretty fun game, the checkpoints are a great addition.

Seriously great work managing to make a game that was full of tension and mystery without relying on jumpscares. Gave me some solid Local58 vibes.

I'm legit impressed with this game. It looks very well polished and the mechanics are easy enough to pick up but the gameplay does get pretty tense while switching through the rooms and using the luring ability. I've only played through nights 1 and 2 so far, but will definitely be continuing this game.

There are some bugs, but the scares are effective and that thing is pretty creepy.

Pretty solid. The monster can get you stuck in a corner, but it's not a long playthrough to get back to where you've died. Just wish the endings were different.

This was a weird one for sure. I liked the layout of the mansion and how disconnected it made everything, and had fun getting both a bad ending and the good ending.

A short, but well contained story with some creepy atmosphere, gross looking monsters, and an ending with some snap. I liked it!

Although I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce the title, this was a pretty fun and surreal game. The truck section was trippy, and the story was pretty concise for a short game.

I absolutely love making terrifying things cute, and you nail it with this. It was worthwhile getting the different endings just to see how the story played out.

This was a great dive into alien horror, a genre not often depicted especially in indie games. Looking forward to the full game!

Some things seem unfleshed out, like the blinking, the map, and the talking portion. I can't wait to see how this is built upon though, and maybe I can try out some new pickup lines on the ghost in the full release.

I'm really impressed with this demo. It's abstract as hell, but surprisingly scary. Menial tasks offset by weird horrors is a solid formula, looking forward to the full release.

I was getting super frustrated at one point, but the reasoning behind it was awesome and well executed. A great follow up to Cheating Death, and looking forward to more from you!

Multiple endings are fun to find, the chase sequence was great, and I the final bit was tense but really enjoyable. Another well done job.

I fear I may have sequence broken the game during my playthrough, but the environment is solid and I had a lot of fun recording this. Best of luck with further developments!

I played the pre-fixed version, so many of my criticisms have been addressed already, but this is a pretty solid teaser for the full game. Looking forward to seeing how it's expanded out!

A nice little game with some unsettling moments, nicely done.

I really liked the design of this game, it felt very fitting for it's time. The random explosion sounds in the distance was pretty good immersion, but I did feel like the ghosts were more of a nuisance than a threat. Well done though.

This was weird, in a fun way. I loved how repeated playthroughs caused the room to become more dilapidated, and the monster reveal was pretty subtle but effective. Well done!

The look of the game was good, up until the maze section. It actually looked lived in to but there were some glaring issues I had with it, such as the sounds and feel of some portions of the game.

It's the 3rd game I played in this video.

I really wished I had read the description first (I tend to prefer going into games blindly) because I really was wanting more of this. The design and idea was great, hope to see you all expand upon it.

It's the second game I played in this video.

I really liked this game. It's simple but creepy, and the multiple endings really made me want to go through and find all of them.

It's the first game I played in this video.

The sounds and monster are exceptionally creepy, and the stress of having to do a physical task in order to progress was surprisingly fun. Just wish I understood what made the monster vanish sometimes when I looked at it.

This was pretty solid. I do feel like you went a bit overboard on the cutscenes but they were effective and I loved the monster's designs and the transitions between the worlds. Well done.

I loved this game. It's short but all the snakes have their own personalities and the overall mystery is fun to uncover by talking to each of them. A gorgon as the only asset was clever since it let you add characters via her hair snakes. Well done!

It's the 3rd game I played in this video.

Makes you think for sure, with a nice use of facial expressions to convey how Jacob feels (along with the clear mood indicator). I had a lot of fun with Jacob, maybe a bit too much.

It's the second game I played in this video.

A nice little VN considering the limitations of the jam. It's short for sure, but you feel for the ghost's story. It was the first game I played in this video.

Absolutely nailed it, even if I managed to get lost several times even with a map. The maze sections are tolerable and that monster is absolutely terrifying when it's lurking after you.

For such a simple setup and design, you really nailed the horror aspect. The sound design during the chase sequences was amazing!

It's been a while since I've played an RPGMaker horror game, and Scarred Stars was a good re-introduction.