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I played an earlier version in this video, but I liked what I saw. The characters are just as weird but memorable as the real Baldi game, but with an interesting quiz portion at the end. I didn't collect all 8 pages (again, earlier version) but was a bit confused at why the final quiz was Pink Floyd. Regardless it was fun, an nice challenge, and a way for me to remember the links to Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2.

Thanks so much for letting me know about it, I think I had a stroke once I saw Mrs Lovette's Pie Shop and started panicking once I had to finish the game. Really good at ramping the hecticness up.

I played the demo and loved the idea, reminding me of NeoPets or tamagotchis but adding a dark spin on it with the glitches and ending cutscene. Can't wait to see it on steam and play the full game.

The art was fantastic and the story was good, weaving in elements of Tomie and Uzumaki with an more modernized style. I've always liked playing VNs on the channel since it lets me make some interesting voices, and the Stranger led to some weird Jonathan Waters/William Shatner mix. Thanks for the game, and I look forward to the full release!

Weird as always but also very interesting. Almost lost my mind during the Parkour bit but overall enjoyable!

Really cool game and makes you think about how we view personal perfection versus the world view of it. Thank you for the interesting game and I look forward to what else you release.


Loved the character design, the interactions were good, and the premise is pretty solid. I wish it had choices which impacted the game, but for a GameJam game it's pretty well made. Hoping you continue development on the series.

Also sorry about the voice I gave Medea...

Really cute and honestly sometimes creepy. Really had a fun time playing it even though I didn't understand a word of what was going on.

I love how photo realistic is is for footage from cameras in the 90s, especially one that someone who lives in a run down apartment would have. Overall good creepiness and an interesting story you kinda write for yourself while seeing glimpses into the characters day to day.

Very well done.

Disclaimer that I did play an older version of the game, but I like the design, the mechanics seem fair, and the doll is genuinely creepy. I might come back to this later down the line once the game is fully fleshed (or clothed in this case) out.

It's got a lot of promise, looking like a well made mix of FNAF and Emily Wants to Play, with the added arachnophobia thrown in. Looking forward to the full release, thanks for making the demo available. 

I liked the design of the game, and it had some creepy moments, but unfortunately nothing really stuck out, and the "monster" being in a T-pose kinda threw away any suspense I had about it. I understand the limit of 72 hours causes these kinda of limitations to appear, and I'd like to see what you could do with this base and flesh it out completely.

Played it at 2:52, thanks for making it

I like how simplistic it was, but still somehow managed to be scary. I played it first in my 3 pack of games and had a really good time with it. Thanks.

Loved this game and how it actually made platforming scary. The puzzles are clever enough that I felt challenged, but not too hard that I was tempted to give up on it. Can't wait until the kickstarter, you've got my support.


Loved the design and the VHS style of visuals, really reminded me of Puppet Combo style games. Unfortunately I played it before the recent update which fixed the obstacle avoidance but I still had fun, and those cows are terrifying. Thanks for the game

Loved the design of the woods, and the way the trees swayed. The creepy crawler was awesome looking and I liked how the story was laid out in pieces. Creepy and artistic.

I haven't played many VNs in the past, especially on my channel, but I'm glad I played this one. It was cutesy and unsettling at the same time. I got 2 endings, and wanted to leave the other options for viewers to give a try themselves. 

Thanks for the game, looking forward to see what else you release in the future.

Really well done and unsettling for being a PT style game, which seems to have died down as a genre the past few months. Thanks for the fun scares.

I had a few requests to give this game a go on my channel, and I'm glad I did. Loved the feel of a good mix of both the gameplay of Slenderman, and an animation horror like FNAF.

Looking forward to Part 2!

Woah, I loved this game and honestly later on it felt like I was legit playing with my friends. I still need to pick up Betrayal at House on the Hill and give that a go with them. Thanks for the game, I had a blast.

The game has a certain unsettlingness to it that really embodies his works like Tomie, while still having those disgusting moments like in Uzumaki and Glyceride. 

I liked the idea but some parts didn't seem to mesh well. The proof reading needs work, and our characters movement speed seemed quite slow, even while sprinting. The story was good and I gotta admit the overlay jumpscare got me. Thanks for the game and I look forward to what you release in the future.

I liked the idea behind it, but I feel like the connection between our wife and us was very rapidly placed, so the buttons had little emotional ties.I did like the spider part, and thanks for including subtitles on the riddle. Really needed that as it was hard to understand. 

Interesting color maze along with some creepy voice lines. 

I liked the idea, it gave me some really strong vibes of Do You Copy, but the run speed seems SOOO much quicker than it should be, and some of the audio seems a bit garbled (not sure if that was what you were going for though).

I completely forgot about this show until I saw this game. Thanks for bringing back cutout picture nightmares to me.

I love the idea of taking a normal, everyday event, and adding a surreal twist to it. Even better if I get to talk about my childhood and playing putt putt golf at a campground.

Thanks for the game.

A bizarre game with an interesting premise. I loved the game Nevermind, and how it showcased twisted imagery in the name of Psychology, and this was an interesting take on the Rorschach Test.

Gave it a try, loved the idea and the sound clips. Over all a well made game that I'd love to give a try on stream. Thanks for the game.

Glad to see this is back, and looking forward to the work you'll be putting into it.

After the parody games I would think about what an original game by you would be, and this was very well done. Hints of PT and Amnesia pepper the hallways, and even the stationary set pieces managed to scare me. Well done dude.

Wow was this a weird one. Originally I thought it was going to be more of a social interaction horror, but it slowly evolved into stalker levels, and eventually into a perfect example of how our minds act when presented with stress. Thanks a lot for making it!

Books got me easily, the biggest issue is the monster just standing there towards the end, but the reveal of what happened to your friend was "scary/funny". Thanks!

Really cool design, interesting scares, and some general weirdness which plays into it very well.

Biggest problem I had was I turned the lights off in the room, so I had some issues seeing the twist, but I got the idea. 

Also of note is the way the glass broke it looks like the corpse came into the room through the window, since the shards were inside. Just a funny little catch that made me think he was some kinda angel or something.

I really enjoyed the design of the house, and there were some spooky things a foot, but what was with the bizarre sink, and falling through the ground before needing to ascend? I originally thought it was a bug but the controls purposefully point out Ascend as a movement option.

Such a weird design, but amazing fun to run from, and the degeneration of Archibald as you get further and further made it super interesting.

Loved it, the mannequins are genuinely creepy, and the overall design was well made. Love the code on the wall too. Thanks for releasing this demo, looking forward to the full game.

Loved the design and creepy visuals and sound. Played through the entire game plus the bonus stuff and looking forward to a sequel hopefully.