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Thank you for the polite response and I do look forward to seeing what else you release.

Theres a difference between being scared, such as with tense ambient noises and unsettling atmosphere, and being startled, with full screen overlays and unavoidable deaths. This game did the latter and tbh I feel it could have been so much better if you didn't cheap out with overlays and random screams but went with a more unsettling feeling as you descend and the stairs become more corroded or warped.

So the monster is alcoholism? Shambling monster, waking up in a bar, driving, hitting a statue? The design seems solid but I feel like there needs to be a big jump between the demo and the full game. Thanks, and I look forward to the final release to see how you've done.

I loved both The Stanley Parable and The Beginner's Guide, so I went into Bruce Allegory with high hopes.

They were met very well, I could see a lot of the assets were stock UE4 assets, but the interesting part of the game is the narrators and the conflicting information they provide, how they guide us through, and the underlying tone of who Ian/Bruce is.


ITS ME AGAIN! I had no idea you had made both games when I played them, but the pre-alpha looks pretty good. Possessed elves have a really creepy air to them, and hell even the normal ones are pretty scary (I tried to play keep away from the one that warns you without realizing he was OK). Can't wait to see this expanded upon more. I play this alongside 2 other games, and it was the last one in the video.

Cute little way to spend *checks video* about 52 seconds lol. No real complaints since this is just a prototype and I could see this mechanic being used in a creepy hide and seek way. I played it along side 2 other games, it was the second game I covered.

I think I ran into a weird issue since I only saw 4 gifts, but I really like the creatures designs and everything was so nice looking and gameplay was very fluid. I played it as one of 3 videos, and it was the first game I covered.

It's fun, funny, and sometime gets pretty scary. Unfortunately it seems like it takes a lot to get to the interesting parts, as the first 2 nights are so slow and drawn out that it almost becomes a bore to get through them.

Night 3 onward is where the game really starts to shine, as the action becomes frantic as you run from room to room, juggling lights, finding weird physics glitches, and thinking you're seeing stuff out of the corner of your eye. 

Overall I'd say give it a try, but don't let the slowness of the first 20 minutes ruin what can be a fun hour. Thanks!

Loved how it was short and to the point. Perfectly timed and the reveal of the monster was startling. Very Silent Hill-esque while being it's own thing. Thanks!

Sorry I recorded this on the older build, but I can see the idea and with some better assets (which you've already added) and a  more fleshed out environment I could see this doing very well.

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Atmosphere was great, found some geometry which I was able to go into but didn't break the game very much. Somehow ended up with 2 wives chasing me, so I'm pretty sure we're either mormon or polygamists. Liked the idea of the ending but the voice chosen kinda threw it off for me. Overall well worth a play and a promising start to what could be a really interesting game and story. Looking forward to further tweaks and updates.

Also sorry about getting the name of the game wrong, no idea why it kept getting stuck in my head that it was called Honey I'm Home...

Loved the design at the beginning, the impact that certain parts have, and hell even the package delivery scared the crap out of me. I feel like the monster the character sees/talks of is depression, and almost like himself is holding him back from being the person she deserves, but I can totally see where it's up to personal interpretation.

I liked the game overall, but it did seem like there were some times of just nothing going on. The hallucination scared the crap out of me (pun intended), and the game had a creepy home invasion style to it. My only main issue was the ending, giving the killer the name Chainsaw Dude, kinda took away from any impact that would have been put on the player, but overall it was a good game.

Really like the design but not a huge fan of the way the enemy patrols, then vanishes, then appears silently. Seemed to get caught a few times due to the enemy randomly appearing. It's got a very clear Amnesia influenced style and the level design seems solid. Looking forward to the full release.

I loved the original, Midnight Shift and Urbex were some of the first games I played on my channel and while I like the remake for it's own reasons I still think the original is better. The remake seems to have too stuff outside of what the original had, like the goofy mannequins and random stuff around. Still had a blast playing it!

Really cool idea using a personality test to determine the puzzle someone experiences. I apparently was too prideful to actually look for clues and instead tried brute forcing the puzzle lol. Had a fun time and looking forward to the full release.

Loved the design of the house and the unsettling atmosphere. Well made with well timed scares.

Not going to repeat what others have said about the interaction issues, but I loved this game. I had fun going through the house trying to find little secrets, and the excitement I had once I did. The monster is creepy but somehow familiar and the fact it changes into random objects is actually unsettling.

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I gave it a try and I'm not really sure what it has to do with Baldi at all, or why it was so short and just a maze, but it looks like you've got plans for it and it'll be cool to see how it pans out.

I played an earlier version in this video, but I liked what I saw. The characters are just as weird but memorable as the real Baldi game, but with an interesting quiz portion at the end. I didn't collect all 8 pages (again, earlier version) but was a bit confused at why the final quiz was Pink Floyd. Regardless it was fun, an nice challenge, and a way for me to remember the links to Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2.

Thanks so much for letting me know about it, I think I had a stroke once I saw Mrs Lovette's Pie Shop and started panicking once I had to finish the game. Really good at ramping the hecticness up.

I played the demo and loved the idea, reminding me of NeoPets or tamagotchis but adding a dark spin on it with the glitches and ending cutscene. Can't wait to see it on steam and play the full game.

The art was fantastic and the story was good, weaving in elements of Tomie and Uzumaki with an more modernized style. I've always liked playing VNs on the channel since it lets me make some interesting voices, and the Stranger led to some weird Jonathan Waters/William Shatner mix. Thanks for the game, and I look forward to the full release!

Weird as always but also very interesting. Almost lost my mind during the Parkour bit but overall enjoyable!

Really cool game and makes you think about how we view personal perfection versus the world view of it. Thank you for the interesting game and I look forward to what else you release.


Loved the character design, the interactions were good, and the premise is pretty solid. I wish it had choices which impacted the game, but for a GameJam game it's pretty well made. Hoping you continue development on the series.

Also sorry about the voice I gave Medea...

Really cute and honestly sometimes creepy. Really had a fun time playing it even though I didn't understand a word of what was going on.

I love how photo realistic is is for footage from cameras in the 90s, especially one that someone who lives in a run down apartment would have. Overall good creepiness and an interesting story you kinda write for yourself while seeing glimpses into the characters day to day.

Very well done.

Disclaimer that I did play an older version of the game, but I like the design, the mechanics seem fair, and the doll is genuinely creepy. I might come back to this later down the line once the game is fully fleshed (or clothed in this case) out.

It's got a lot of promise, looking like a well made mix of FNAF and Emily Wants to Play, with the added arachnophobia thrown in. Looking forward to the full release, thanks for making the demo available. 

I liked the design of the game, and it had some creepy moments, but unfortunately nothing really stuck out, and the "monster" being in a T-pose kinda threw away any suspense I had about it. I understand the limit of 72 hours causes these kinda of limitations to appear, and I'd like to see what you could do with this base and flesh it out completely.

Played it at 2:52, thanks for making it

I like how simplistic it was, but still somehow managed to be scary. I played it first in my 3 pack of games and had a really good time with it. Thanks.

Loved this game and how it actually made platforming scary. The puzzles are clever enough that I felt challenged, but not too hard that I was tempted to give up on it. Can't wait until the kickstarter, you've got my support.


Loved the design and the VHS style of visuals, really reminded me of Puppet Combo style games. Unfortunately I played it before the recent update which fixed the obstacle avoidance but I still had fun, and those cows are terrifying. Thanks for the game

Loved the design of the woods, and the way the trees swayed. The creepy crawler was awesome looking and I liked how the story was laid out in pieces. Creepy and artistic.

I haven't played many VNs in the past, especially on my channel, but I'm glad I played this one. It was cutesy and unsettling at the same time. I got 2 endings, and wanted to leave the other options for viewers to give a try themselves. 

Thanks for the game, looking forward to see what else you release in the future.

Really well done and unsettling for being a PT style game, which seems to have died down as a genre the past few months. Thanks for the fun scares.

I had a few requests to give this game a go on my channel, and I'm glad I did. Loved the feel of a good mix of both the gameplay of Slenderman, and an animation horror like FNAF.

Looking forward to Part 2!

Woah, I loved this game and honestly later on it felt like I was legit playing with my friends. I still need to pick up Betrayal at House on the Hill and give that a go with them. Thanks for the game, I had a blast.