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dunno idont use it

god rizz

i use scratch, this can turn scratch files into Html.


quest 2 when?

its out

quest 2

android is quest 2

ye download it via sidqeust for quest 2 ver

a bit slow, but very fun.

yeah sorry for being rude was in a very bad mood that day


when time stops you can't shoot, and when it restarts a ton of enemies appear, it's barely an engine and was made in like 5 min

insanely broken

along with this is a scratch jam

sadly have to scrap the idea, it's too overscoped and scratch is too limited to make it, and my pc is too old to run unity or other engines.

i always make mine pixel

my god, this is perfect, i've had an idea for a game based on time travel for the past 3 years

i won the 5th jam, but never got an idea for the 6th, but i"m gonna try and win again this jam!

nice, i won the 5th, but couldn't get an idea for the 6th, so i didn't end up submitting.

the jam is about to end and nobody rlly joined but i will host a second one hopefully more ppl will join, and you'll be able to help there.

can you make it work in browser?

it runs fine on quest 2 now 

played it on sidequest and its peak, nice port

have a fun-time! =)

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my username is flamezgames, thats tha pun

it’s a weird discord currency idk I won a bunch for winning the last jam but I don’t even have discord 

I made the mistake in the last scratch game jam where I focused a ton on art and not as much on gameplay.

sorry I completely forgot about this but I’m not gonna anymore cuz I need to work on my game 

Start with gameplay before art 

did you convert it to html or keep it as an sdv? (I think that’s the type of file can’t remember)

I ended up winning the last jam, and this one I hope I rank high cuz I used to watch warfame/fuelvin all the time awhile ago.

yeahh i dont think i can make a cocrea account so im fine

sorry, i completely forgot about this, i think i can do it now.

alright, it’ll be a bit, as I’m currently busy and don’t have an account on there, I’ll try and do it tonight, if not I’ll do it tomorrow.

possibly, in pixel form.

i am 14, i am just not currently allowed to use discord.

same, i'm excited for this one cuz i (somehow) won the last one

oof- i suck at vector art, though i'm a fairly good pixel artist.