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if you aren't participating, post this in the community tab of itch, not a jam page.

this was a fun jam, and i learned a lot from it!

i have a really good idea for a game, goodluck everyone, this'll be a fun jam!! :)


i wanna make a jam, but idk how to get ppl to join, so i'm asking here. comment if i should make a jam

i can't see any images on the website, not even the ones i upload...

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hey, uhh, a little update, inverted reality's development has been slow, i'll make 20-30 levels in the end

yeah, i had lots of problems with level design, only turning out about 6 levels.

but ppl seemed to like the levels, which is good, so i learnt some puzzle design.

i had a lot of trouble with puzzle design, not very many levels, cuz i wasn't sure if they were good.

puzzle design is pretty hard

just to note, you can check all the game comments, i didn't fraud any votes.

can't since it's so old, my mom doesnt know the password.

there's another downside, since it's so old, we dont know the password, and the computer is LOCKED, or else i'd have tried godot already.

kk, this is my 6th jam, but honestly, the first jam i joined that i was actually proud of the game, was the lost relic game jam, which is the jam i participated in last week.

i've decided i'll quit to, BECAUSE, the theme forces me to make a game very similiar to the game i made for the lost relic jam, and don't wanna make a rlly similiar game, and i don't want creative burnout, so i can do the GMTK jam for the first time.

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i hope i did at least okay to have a small mention in the jam results, maybe not, idk.

maybe, i use a 2012 mac lol

make sure to keep going, like what you just told me, you seem really inspirational, so why not inspire yourself?

i've been developing for 2 years, sadly, i've got a 2012 mac so i can only use scratch


the fact that this is free, is astounding, as a fellow indie developer, i can say, this game is WAYYY better than anything i've made.

you making a devlog for this?

cool game with okay level design


fun but pretty impossible

im literally on level 2 and am stuck

a funny and simple game, very well done

a fun game with a similiar take to the theme as mine, well done, it's fun.

a fun an unique take on the theme, with a cool artstyle!

a fun and simple puzzler, with a unique take on the theme, although, i did encounter a bug where the paint bucket would change it's animation to the downward animation when i stopped moving, which made me not able to get paint, as you cant pick up paint when moving, overall, it's really good, for your skill level (i read the game desc)