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I finished the game it was awesome can there be a free roam after you finish the game damn good game when I first played this games I was like f this this game sucks but after the second time I was like man I love this I hope you continue making games like this one

Tales of Androgyny community · Created a new topic How do i

how do I become a solution in this game I would like to work at the brothel


Is there a way to get pregnant without using the cheats

I did and it ended the game 

o darn okay well I'm fine with lust doll plus 

Can you add rainy skies to android please

if you need someone to play some versions of this game I can and I can try my best to report any bugs 

if you need someone to be a tester for deferent versions of this game before you release it to the public I can do that and report any bugs that need to be fixed if you want anyways

In the abandoned tow

How do I get trust so I can renovate the safe houses basement thing

o okay thanks keep me posted if you want I mean

o okay I just wanted to know I cant play this game because I dont have a computer I'm to poor to get one for now

If you could put it for android would you have to remake the game

When well there be a new update I really want to go to the upper city and explore that hole in the deserted base