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A bit weird to answer as a developer but I guess you'll have to trust us. The game doesn't contain any viruses. :)

Thank you <3

Sounds like you're using a Mac, is that correct? Just to check, have you made sure to un-zip the folder before running the game?

Yeah, we'll get that bug sorted out :)

Sorry to hear that. We are aware of these issues and hopefully we will find some time to fix them in the future!

Thats odd :/ Try running it in a different quality setting

Thanks! Feel free to join our Discord if you have suggestions for the full game :)

Great feedback! :D

It does! But since it's a prototype it might be unstable or too poorly optimized for lower end computers.

We thought it was more fun for the prototype if you guys shared a weapon pool ^^

Hey, appreciate it! We haven't quite decided yet, but it definitely seems reasonable that money could be used to buy instruments and the like. It could also be used for character customization if that is something we decide to have as well :)

That's odd :/ It would be great if you could send a screenshot of the error and info about your computer specifications to!

Pretty much, yea!

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Woo! Happy to hear it!

This is an early prototype of the game. The full game is much more refined and contains lots of new content and features :)

Hop on our Discord and we can chat! :)

You click the boom button (when you can afford to use it) and then click on a villager :)

Actually, maybe in a few days haha

Check our games again in a few hours ;)

There's a 64 bit windows version available. Building a 32-bit version might be tricky since the project is lost somewhere in the void.

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We do not support the old Prototype version any more since we released the final product on Steam. You can find it here: :)

Glad you like it! The game supports wacom if you own that kind of cool tech. ;)