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Flame Point Gaming

A member registered Sep 16, 2017

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I had a chance to play the latest update and I was curious about a major change.  I originally played Version 0.1.2 and I remember the environment becoming dark almost immediately after flipping the switch in the starting shack. In recent updates, the sunset doesn't seem to happen until about 4 switches in.  This definitely removes a lot of the fear element (just my opinion, of course).  Is there any reason for this?

Had a fun time! Very creative and spooky! Good work guys!

This was a lot of fun! Definitely spooked me a couple times!

This demo was amazing! The sound and visual quality had me running toward my copy of Jurassic Park on DVD. Great work for sure. I'd love to see more! Pleeeeeasssee!

Thank you for adding my name too! It's an honor for a start-up YouTuber like myself! Much love guys!

This game is simply fantastic. I've finished it several times over.

Hey guys! Loved the game! Check out my quick playthrough below!

Just played the demo. I love the entire theme and aesthetic. It feels like a Christmas PS1 Silent Hill Remix.  Keep up the good work!