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Fun af

fun af

I loved this game. Good graphics and jump scares. I'll definitely be back for any other games by you :)

This game is really good with it's timing. There were times where I got to comfortable at the worst time. Here is my game play which is kind of all over the place with the 20 fps and all day but I hope you enjoy. This game was fire btw.

Thanks man. Means a lot to me!!

The graphics are amazing and when I

played I didn't experience any type of bug or glitch.  Here is my gameplay of me being a freaking pro player somehow

I was so shook playing this game, like my hair's we're sticking up the whole time. I cannot wait for the full version. Here is my game play of this awesome game. (It ends at 5:03) 

if you dont want to see my opening skit skip to 0:45

This game is really funny and wacky. I cant wait for the future updates. Here is my gameplay of v2.5 and 2.7(dont mind my squeaky voice and the random lag).