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Now i need The Woman From The Door going after little Jane and her daddy Fox who works baking corndogs

Thats was real badass, these things do give me the creeps

This is a masterpiece! It's almost like a first person hotline miami. I need a bigger version of this with a nice storyline!

I must say, i'm beyond surprised!
I was just going to play a little bit of this game and unninstall it in the same night that i got horny and downloaded it. I wasn't taking it seriously, as i never did with any 5ex game, but now i've been playing it every night because it's just too good. I don't even care about the p*rn anymore, i want to see where the story goes, i want Kali to be sucessful, i want to rescue elves, i want to fulfill Lin's dreams, marry her and show the world that elves are equals. This world goes so deep in lore, i've been amazed countless times by this game, i tought Ashley was the shallowest character in there but turns out she's waaay more complex than it shows, the girls all have such a great character development. I've seen some really smart jokes, so many mindblowing stuff being said by the characters, i never expected to be taught a life lesson by a cam girl. Guess i just wasn't expecting a p*rn visual novel game to be so well written. Even tho i can relate to it as i have created a complex fantasy world myself out a sexual fantasy, i never expected anyone would be so determined to actually make something so nice out of it and share it to the world. I might be dreaming high, but i can easily see you selling on Steam a fully voiced and animated spin-off game in this world exploring other generes like action, adventure, maybe not even a NSFW story, this could work with anything, it's so well tought.

Runey, you created an awesome universe there, congratulations to you and if there's more people helping you, congratulations to them too. If i had enough privacy i would gladly become a patreon on this, but all i can do is thank you for sharing this world with us. Keep following your path, you're going places.

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Ive made this account just to comment here because this game represents a sleep paralysis so fckn well. I related so much to this, when i had a sleep paralysis it was EXACTLY like that. Every detail, the way the hands moved, getting up from bed and moving extremely slow and then waking up in bed again hundreds of times. Only thing different i had from this was that the only monster i saw was myself breaking the door with some horns and rushing towards me with a big axe everytime. Masterpiece! If you wanna know how a sleep paralysis feels like, that's exactly it.