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Just to clarify, does the 100% certificate really mean 100%? I feel as if I may have missed some things (IE using razors a certain way instead of the alternative), and the steezie.exe seemed never to be used.

Looking for the Being One series again after nearly a decade and finding this and episode 5, I had to buy it just to soothe my nostalgia! While episode 6 feels a little dull compared to the previous ones, in large part due to the fact that the creepy claustrophobic feels now missing, it's great to hear you're still working on this series.

Although the FPEG style is interesting, I think it might be a better idea to return to the point and click formula, especially for games which are trying to be creepy. Regardless, I look forward to seeing what you put out in the future!

take a break and get those creative juices flowing then, no point making a game running on empty

Hey, its not like a deep story is required for a H game, or even a story at all lol

I know how that feels man, but to be fair it looks like he blew his creative load on that game and has gone into a coma, at least you still make games

Admittedly I really liked the pixel animations, but the Live2D loop c was pretty good. Honestly, I just want more of both, lol. Maybe you and boxman should team up to do a kurovadis length game :P

This is easily the best game you've done, its a shame its as short as it is. I hope you do more games like this in the future, except hopefully with more animations.