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Just found this gem and gotta say the writing is excellent.  Will you possibly be doing a patreon page?

I so love how much sass everyone gives each other.  Even how his family talks to each other is hilarious.

This is a very impressive VN.  The music itself sets the mood perfectly.  And I can already tell the story is going to be awesome.

Barachoda Bloom community · Created a new topic great VN

I can tell you put a lot of effort into this.  Also liked the music at the end.  Good work!

Love this story, especially what a goof his best friend gator is.

Just finished playing this demo, very interesting.  Wish the rabbit came along for the ride, thought he was hunky.

I love the artwork and the distinct personalities of the characters.  Can also tell there's hints of a plot twist in the future.  I would make one suggestion- have the writing concentrate less on technicalities of what the protagonist is going through at the hotel and more on personal discussions with the other characters.  With the writing detailing bracelets opening locker and buffet etiquette, I felt like there was a missed chance on asking Arty about himself.  Although maybe I'm just getting impatient on knowing the character.  Other readers might disagree.  

Here are some suggestions just because I've been patreon to some- gallery with vn, polls on what character to work on first, sneak peeks at CGs which will be included in the game.  This is personal opinion, but you'll want to avoid offering rewards which are time consuming- knew someone offering to type up side-stories as a benefit but it was a turn off because that meant they were working on something other than the VN project.

Just played the updated version and love it.  Will be paying attention to patreon page as well in case you add more stuff there.

Just played this and find it fun.  Will there be a patreon page?

Love the artwork of this game, are you going to have a patreon page?

This is a very good game so far.  Any plans to do a patreon page

This is strictly my two cents, perhaps others disagree.  I notice on your patreon page you are offering side writing projects for increased tiers.  This could actually turn people off and have them not be patreons.  Because now they're thinking about how time will be spent away from the project they want to see progressed.  I've seen with VN porjects, picture galleries and decision polls offered for higher tier.  May want to consider using those as rewards instead. 

I'm really liking this.  *spoiler* I actually chose to talk to Cedric instead of fighting him.  Normally I always choose the 'get most likes' choice.  But I just felt the protagonist deserved a chance to speak to him.  That's when I know when I'm reading  a good story, I care more about what the protagonist goes through versus the so called rack up the most like points choice.  You may want to get a patreon page if you think you can commit to this project.

So far this game looks very well made.  Interested in seeing more

Like the demo.  Not going to lie, protagonist does appear to be a bit lazy and spoiled.  Wonder if this will all lead to a change in character.

So I played this game WAY back before the patreon page was setup and new sprites.  Now I've played this one with a totally different script, I'm loving it.  Vast improvements and it's only getting better.

Just finished this and loving it.  Characters are diverse and I always get the feeling each and everyone of them has a history to explore.  I like how this is a fiction where the character is trying to build up their self-esteem.  They didn't start out confident, but are working on it.

I am a little worried of not seeing any true obstacle.  Normally a good story involves a challenge of some sort, a present danger which the protagonist has to resolve.  I'm probably just being impatient considering this VN is just starting.  Can't wait to see more.

I'm not seeing the sprites when I run this game.  Can see from comments people can see them.  Not quite sure how to fix the problem.

Spoiler-  You know how the snake man tries to trick you so he can go on the hotel grounds with the contract, let's say you let him.  Does he become a employee you can assign tasks to like the others?  Like send him to R&D or out to the valley to search for stuff?

So I get up to the part where you are supposed to seek Orderic for work.  Find him, do the convesation options and then ask him for work.  But even after I do the work, the map still shows main quest is to find him.  Furthermore I can't do the work again, assuming that's intentional and there's probably a day long delay before doing it.

So am I missing something?  Something I'm supposed to do after doing work for him?  I tried dueling him but he beats me pretty easily.  Not sure what the next step is unless this is a bug and the map is supposed to point me to do something else.

This is good, better than a lot of visual novels I've seen.  You made me laugh outloud more then once.  You may want to use patreon to work on it.