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the appdata folder is a hidden folder, so you might not find it. The best way to get there is to type %appdata% in the search bar. Or you could turn on hidden folders but I recommend the first way if you are not familiar with hidden folders.

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My suggestion for a new bot command is a sleep/suspend mode that should act almost like "ran out of power" and to allow a wake command from another bot (similar to a recharge).

For example lets say there is a bot that is tasked to make shovels, but I don't want infinite shovels ... so it should make one and then "suspend". Then there is a bot tasked to dig holes > until hands empty... then wake up a suspended bot. Now the suspended bot will wake and make a new shovel. The digger bot can take the shovel and carry on digging.

Hope you like the idea, looking forward to this games progress :)