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Still really enjoying the story and hope you all are following along as well! I can't stress the great work put into this visual novel keep it up my friends!

I absolutely love the twists and turns of this story i hope you guys are following along and will continue to join me on this journey of my first visual novel!

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Neat story and art so far! I look forward to following the story even deeper & I hope you guys do to! Keep up the amazing visual novels im growing more fond of them!

This was a real joy once again i can't wait until the story comes to pass! Guilleme i don't know about yet and Rosa is a great story!

Really great game and characters! Had me going with how aggressive one is in general. Good job cant wait to play the rest of it!

This game kicked my booty! Great job loved the jumpscares and the concept keep up the great work!

Really enjoyed this Indie Horror Visual Novel! Love that there are multiple ending. And i had allot of fun voice acting in it!

Amazing game jumpscared me so bad! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and puzzles keep up the great work!

My first game of this type and im really enjoying it so far ty for popping my cherry on this type good so far.

This game legit jumpscared the crap out of me such a good job!

I have to say great idea and story moving back and forward through different years and becoming multiple characters! Thumbs up from me!

Great job! Love this game it kept me on edge the whole time and really brought something different to the plate.

i love it ty for your time

I really did look forward to seeing whats next!

This was a pleasure to play through and has opened my eyes to this style of game thank you so good.

Love this game im big on jumpscares and creepy story! Great stuff ty ;)

This game had me jump scared and skin crawling LOVED IT!

Great game! I loved the story line and the jump scares had me good.

great game enough said ;)