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omg this pdf file rocks and changed my life, 10/10 -me, the creator 

This was such a bone chilling game, it was creepy but I was so happy there weren't any jumpscares. The ending part was terrifying though but I felt such a sense of relief getting through it. This was a fantastic walking kind of game and I enjoyed being led around from item to item! It was a great game and I loved seeing the story rolled out as I went along!

This was so fun and charming!!! It was the perfect short game for me! It was so funny, I was in LOVE with the writing!! The creepy horrors underneath the humor and dialogue was so choice.  Jam is such a lovable character and so was Alex! I wish there was a way to see which endings you already gotten but they were all very funny!!

I'm going to bully my friends to play this game, specifically for Jam, the world's greatest kid detective between the ages of 4 and 17 in the western half of Linn County!

from the senior employee in the TV room after you do the Birthday Party!

this was such a cute game! it took a while of me prodding around to get through some of the puzzles but it was a short and sweet game! really enjoyable!!

This game was AMAZING!

as soon as I downloaded it, I played nonstop for 9 hours unlocking everything I could in it. What a terrific game!! I loved it so much!! The grunginess of the pizza place, the wonderful and charming character designs in both the playable characters and the monsters, the creepy tone that stayed through the whole game, i absolutely loved it!!!

im still a bit afraid of horror games in general but this one was such a treat!! I'm going to recommend this game until the end of time!