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Thanks for checking the game out! This game was up and in development for a while before Pumpkin Panic released. We spoke and they said they had enjoyed Cryptid Farm before, so we gave each other a shoutout on twitter so our audiences can enjoy both games :)

Ahaha I'm glad you like it :D That harmonica sound is one of my favourites too, always puts the panic on!

Ah thank you :D

No save implemented yet, but it's definitely on the to-do list. It does suck to lose tons of progress when the game can last so long ahah.

Ah good to hear you're having a good time :D

Ah thanks! 😄

Glad you had fun :D Looking to release on steam next year some time (hopefully)!


banished to the farm void

Still an absolute classic I revisit every now and again. The whole aesthetic works wonders and really gets you immersed in all the little worlds. Love this inspirational game :)

jailed in the christmas corner ahaha

thanks for letting me know!

Really nice job! A solid little crafting game with some story to keep it interesting. Loved the appearance of Koshak in game :) Extra props to the audio for having unique sounds for each resource and unique audio tracks based on your progression. I did enjoy the dialogue changing over time too. Great work!

Tried it out cause it looked funny in the line up of sockpop games, and was very satisfied by the gameplay! Fun little idea with good ball grabbing and throwing mechanics that keeps you moving in intense fights. Cute enemy designs with some nice variety. The slimes are hilarious!

Difficulty scales up quickly and fights get very intense fast. I could imagine some smaller scale monsters with mini-gimmicks being a good addition to this game, like an explosive slime or an enemy with a weak spot.

Strong visual style, some nice writing and lovely background music :) Really liked this lil story!

Thanks for the character design, I like the hair shape! Character customization is a solid idea and one I might add some day after the game is finished :)

Loved the models and the hungry  critters at night, plus the atmosphere was intense and the npc art was pretty cool!

I found my place! Nice puzzles that needed a bit of thought and precision, and I liked the flavour text on each block!

The 3D models, textures and pixel filters were all done really well. Plus, the gameplay is exciting and addictive! (Especially with the music!) Really well done so far :D

Fun idea! Sound design is great as always :D and I liked the narration. Think the concept could've used a bit more exploring as the game comes off a bit empty once you get the hang of moving. A nicely done short game though!

Just about beat it! I loved that final sequence x) The music was really exciting and got me pumped throughout!

I really like the commands idea! It keeps the player thinking about how best to use the next attack, or whether to dump it.
The audio mixing needs a little work as some sound effects were quite loud and a tiny bit of music would help but otherwise the art is clean, the level transitions are cool and the level design was fun!

There might be a way for me to separate game connections via "GameVersion" so that old clients can't connect to new ones, so possibly? I'll need to give it some testing first.

A couple of bugs, but lovely concept! Found myself spending more time than I realised playing it. I think the lava and water were a little too unpredictable/uncontrollable to make obsidian a consistent resource and it took me a while to realise you could make new units based on what you spawned them on. It was fun to discover!

Ooo cool :D Thanks for giving it a shot!

Ayyy thanks! Honestly yeah the lack of music is a bummer x) I might make an update just to add a random track to fill the silence

Beautiful visuals and animations! I really loved the surreal feel of this game, plus I love the shifting crowd gameplay!

thank you so much :DD

Nice job coding this system and nice music too! It must've taken a while to write the script, I like the short little divergences like lock picking or pestering John. 

the most beautiful game i ever did play, the ending brought a tear to my eye

i feel like a new man

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had a great time! sound design is incredible and the ui looks super slick. grand dad took me a couple of tries but it was satisfying to beat! plus the characters n plot were pretty funny