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Cute art style, decent story, love the characters. Game has potential, can't wait to see more from the devs.

ah I see, thank you for your response

Will it still work if I use the previous versions save file?

Really fun game, the humor, characters, plot and everything. Can't wait for 0.6

Really entertaining, love the content so far, can't wait to see what's next in development.

Well shit, gotta get an upgrade soon

Game crashes at the introduction for some reason, can't really play the game because of that. Not sure if it's the game or my phone (probably my phone)

yeah, you really need good rng but here's a tip. Stay in the middle of the road, and while going down you need to go to the upper road instead of the lower one since that's where the fuel will be and vice versa while going up, just pray till you eventually win. Good luck and godspeed mate.

Get gud at it mate, took me a while to beat the minigame on my phone but eventually with luck and practice I managed to beat it.

We all know we want jimmy, ya boi needs some attention too ya know

Understandable, have a good day.

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if I load an old save file from 0.1.0 will it function as intended or will it go bonkers?

I wish it was mobile supported.