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Get gud at it mate, took me a while to beat the minigame on my phone but eventually with luck and practice I managed to beat it.

Town of Passion community · Created a new topic Android Lag
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Ok so, I just noticed that my phone (mid end) lags whenever I enter a specific areas like caves or the dojo, or whenever it's night time. I think it's because of the light sources, since whenever I enter the house at night, I get 60 fps but when I go outside it goes down 90%. Will there be an option to remove light particles? It makes the challenges more easier since it doesn't lag the game.

We all know we want jimmy, ya boi needs some attention too ya know

Understandable, have a good day.

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if I load an old save file from 0.1.0 will it function as intended or will it go bonkers?

I wish it was mobile supported.