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some people dont know when to stop huh

really unique and fun!

simple and amazing!!!

This is a nearly perfect game. You gain many things, and lose many things. But in the end only a few things stay. You can take this in 2 ways. Don't bother to try or- Try and hold on to what you do have. It does have some weird things sure with the sacrifices but it's still very good

The whole game is set up for the end. You'll always have the same (or most of the same) things in life no matter what happens. You lose and gain things. But in the end, only some things matter, and that's you. You get so many things but in the end, only a few things out of so many things stay. One of those things are you, your house, and a couple other things. It's hard to explain my thinking but I honestly do agree with some of the choices and sacrifices, like losing friends because of grades and etc. But there is a message, and the game is set up for the end to convey that. That's my interpretation at least.

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-w- there are no lewds its an april fools game. unless u go to the true ending that is

games great!! I actually really like it!!

is this really the right place to type that-