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It's a pretty good game

I have played the game and mostly think it's really good. However there are a few bugs that I found a little annoying. But it is a demo with a lot of potential. It's great

I can't start the game. The story never starts. When I open the game, it puts me in the game without music or sounds. There's nothing I can do other than click on islands and click out of them. I tried un- and reinstalling the game, but it didn't work. Clicking "New game" or "Load game" don't work either. Can I fix this?

Im having trouble finding the last bird foot  and circle with a dot in the middle. Any hints?

Before the note where Lucid talks about his dad with some stranger you get chased by entities, but if you try to get rid of them by getting the note, it glitches and entities spawn again killing you over and over. And you have to restart the game

A few glitches i've found:

1.) Sometimes when you try to cut a corner you start teleporting to the sides of the hallway.

2.) When you look at the frog and follow it, sometimes it goes to the left side of the hallway and if you try to pass it, it starts to move besides you even trough walls.