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Thank you for your encouragement!!! ^^ I'll see what I can improve!

Thank you for playing^^!

I'd wish to! Tho currently I'm looking into fiverr and humble bundle to save dev cost

I would like to in the final game! We shall see my timeline

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to polish the game and my skill further down the road!

Ah thank you so much for the feedback and the bugs report! I will try figure those out, especially on how to hint the jump in the final phase

thank youuuu monochroma~

Thank you so much Maltosier! That is an interesting bug I couldn't reproduce on my end. But I'll keep it in mind!

haha i wish too! It is so hard to reach out. One possible way is through youtube chat during her livestream :P

aww thank you for the kind words!! There will be more stories and bosses added for sure :D

I can't wait to share more!! If only time can slowdown

I love your reactions😂 really enjoyed your video. Thank you for playing!!

Thank you so much for your kind words and reaching out! Currently im working on the game alone, which could take some time to complete, i wonder if it would still be helpful for your portfolio building?

Thank youuu for playing!!

Thank you! Glad you had fun!!

Yayyy you figured out the boss final attacks! love your stream ^^

thank you PhoebeKaung!

thank you for your kind words!! It means a lot!

thank you devilsky! :D

thank you!! I can't wait tooo

thank you Jockylin!

Thaaaaank you so much forplaying! The gliding is indeed a bug and it will surely be fixed :) 

YES agreed! The rotation speed, the dodge experience, UI and many more needs work >_<. Thank you for playing and pulling through all the rough areas! Fixes will becoming in few days

Hey it is fun watching you play :) It taught me lots of things I need to improve on. Thank you!

thanks for trying! I hope you enjoyed!

thank you for playing!! Try to spam the dodge skill to get over the last mountain :). I will make more hints in future~

Glad that you like it ^^ Thanks for your support!