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Eve Tales

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Ah, thank you, I'm glad you've been enjoying it!

Here's a tip for Ending 4 (I've kept it spoiler free for anyone else reading).

Ending 4 requires you to gain your captor's trust initially, setting up the conditions you need to get Ending 3.

But, in the last section of the game, there's a part where you're asked if everything that happened was your fault, if you take responsbility for your actions. Just like you would for Ending 3, you take responsibilty and reject the idea that you are a tool to be used, but for your next four choices, choose the options that emphasise your individuality rather than a shared connection with your captor (so, for example, choose "I'm more than just [spoiler]." instead of "We aren't just tools." and choose "I'm alive." instead of "We're people.")

You need to get at least three of these choices correct. Essentially you are asserting your identity but not in connection with your captor.

Then, you continue to make the choices that lead to Ending 3, but you'll find that it winds up working out rather differently than before...

I hope this makes sense! A guide is a good idea too, I might have a go at writing one later. Thanks again for playing!

On your very first play-through, the game menu image will persist for about the first couple lines of dialogue  - but on every subsequent play-though, the game menu will vanish properly as soon as you start the game.

I'm sorry about this - it seems to be a bug caused by the way the screen redraws at this bizarre resolution I decided was thematically appropriate for the game - had a few other folk look at my code but we can't find a way to stop it yet. I'll release an update if I can fix it.