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I couldn't stop reading. Lovely story, art and characters. The translation (?) seems fine despite the many typos. Good job!

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Umm, now I can't get past day 21 in normal/hard because I keep getting the bad stat ending no matter what (respective to the job picked.)

:') Thank you, I'll report again if I see anything else.

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Oh, you answered fast! I was either on hard or normal with the new sprites. I know that easy prevents stat bad ends. Thing is, I could get them before the update on normal/hard.

Just got flirty's bad end by slacking off until promiscuity and sexiness maxed simultaneously. When I max them manually and individually, nothing happens. Normal mode.

Unsure if a typo or meta humor: when you choose to not answer the door for the detached personality, MC says "I'm going to answer it. No one's going to tell me I can't" and then immediately answers.

Found another: 

 I can't get any of the stats bad ends (like when you max intelligence) anymore, and for now I've found this error. Loving the update.

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Art and music: Beautiful and fitting
Story/setting: OK
Characters: Cute
Writing: Could be better... or I expected better judging by the quality of art. Half of it doesn't even make sense to me.
Technical stuff: The numerous, long and unstoppable transitions are the worst thing about this game. (And it's such a shame that something that easy to fix can make people drop out entirely!) I also wish I could make the text speed instant and toggle full screen.

I just bought the game and though I'm excited for this update, take your time <3