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Fishing Village

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Yep totally get that it is a prototype only - but I keep going back to it just for the gameplay mechanic  - so I think you are on to something here. Also - thanks for including a high score keeper - don't have to save my screen grabs anymore. ha!

I'm enjoying these new variations! The removal of turns does make it less stressful with that one extra constraint removed. I'm still getting used to keeping the side scoring tiles in mind when I play.

This is a satisfying mechanic!

Love the atmosphere - and Dom2D's art. Very re-playable. Well done, all.

I love the compressed space of this game. And the subtle switching of control to the other characters in the room. Great stuff

Even though this was super sad (I have a shelter dog of my own!), I really liked your design work on this game. The transition to putting on the leash was especially satisfying.

Brilliantly simple!

Great atmosphere! I like the structure of the game, only using one location repeatedly, but with subtle changes.

I never knew I needed a game built primarily as a delivery system for tea-based puns - but I did. I really did. 

I love the tone and sensibility of this game - even the color palette felt like tea stains. 

Hey, thanks for that catch! Yes, I uploaded the wrong file. It should be fixed now.

What a creative use of bitsy and storytelling! After awhile of trying to get out of each panel, I began to feel trapped like the cat - which made the story even richer and more personal. I also loved your character designs!

Hooray! Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for playing!