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Fishing Village

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Love the atmosphere - and Dom2D's art. Very re-playable. Well done, all.

I love the compressed space of this game. And the subtle switching of control to the other characters in the room. Great stuff

Even though this was super sad (I have a shelter dog of my own!), I really liked your design work on this game. The transition to putting on the leash was especially satisfying.

Brilliantly simple!

Great atmosphere! I like the structure of the game, only using one location repeatedly, but with subtle changes.

I never knew I needed a game built primarily as a delivery system for tea-based puns - but I did. I really did. 

I love the tone and sensibility of this game - even the color palette felt like tea stains. 

Hey, thanks for that catch! Yes, I uploaded the wrong file. It should be fixed now.

What a creative use of bitsy and storytelling! After awhile of trying to get out of each panel, I began to feel trapped like the cat - which made the story even richer and more personal. I also loved your character designs!

Hooray! Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for playing!