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Anyone can, it's free!


Of course you can!

Is the download error presented by or your web browser?

Great atmosphere! Love short and sweet (well not sweet but scary) experiences like this one. 


Well, Thank you for the support.  

I would love to, but I can't due to money. To export to other platforms in Gamemaker costs too much for me to warrant it just for this game. 

DLC and Sequel aren't confirmed yet. And thank you for the help! But I should be fine on my own. 

Gamemaker charges extra to export to other platforms! Pretty damn stupid! 

Thanks man! 

Hey, Im the guy that made the art. Cute little game! I enjoy what you did with it. 

Was confused at first but after watching the tutorial WOAH. This is REAALLLY good. You've saved me so much time in future projects. Fantastic work man.

I'm fine. If you finish the game feel free to email me at "". Looking forward to see what you come up with. 

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I have no experience with RPGMaker. So I'd say your best vote is to look up a tutorial on importing sprites into your game. Best of luck!

Theres a variety of uses you could use them for. You could use them as place holder game art in your prototype, you could use them commercially, etc. As for how do you use them. It depends on your game engine.

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I'd rather be in special thanks. This was a free art pack, so its not like I was hired and making this specifically for your project. So its more of just a "special thanks for putting these assets out for free for me to use." Thank you much and best of luck on the game!

If you do put me in the credits just list me under "Special Thanks"

Thanks for the pass, note your game is now open to anyone who passes by this comment. I wish DMs were a thing in Itch. Regardless, I'd reccomend you use the alternate dirt ground tile to break up monoteny in the ground tiles, it makes it less obvious to see the grid. I like the menu thing you made, looks good. I'd reccomend you update the gui for the numbers of Gems and for the player health bar. You've shown your capable with that menu. 

Best of luck!

Also, tell me when your game becomes public so I could view it!

4 Varient areas are kind of on hold right now as I am working on other projects. Anyways, crediting is appreciated and encouraged, but not required. There's also no real limitations on this pack legally, it's in the public domain so do what you wish. That means you can transform the assets, use them in a project commercial or free, etc.

No link to the game? Alrighty. Glad you has some fun with it, though! :)

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'First off, Thank you for buying <3' But it was free? Thank you very much for making this anyways lol. Very cute and unique. I know you made this a while ago but I hope you've been improving since then! (Not saying that THIS art is bad, its adorable, I meant as in I hope you're still making art)

This all is a very unique style that I apreciate but could you add more variety in the tiles? As in inverted corners and 'T' Blocks would be nice. Good work. 

Thanks for the great time me and my sister had playing this. We both watch YouTube religiously, so this was hilarious. Good job.

Too floaty.. literally.