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I LOVE IT. I've just finished season 1 and now playing season 2 but i gotta say, i absolutely love this! But i can't seem to export the data though and had to redo my Roe :( but other than that, really good! 

The art is amazing! The story was nice and can't wait for the next part :)

So excited! Yasssss!!!

I really like the artstyle!  The story is nice but it just feels like I'm playing Longest Night all over again. But it's still a good game though!

Love it. It took me a while to get to the end but overall, really nice. I absolutely love the artstyle and the ending was not what I was expecting but still, I really love it.  

Love it! Such a cute game! Absolutely adore the art style 。◕‿◕。

I love it so much! The art style is amazing, the story is amazing, everything is just wonderful. I'm so glad I finally decided to play  this game! It's been in my recommendation for quite a while and I finally finished it. Really can't wait for the next step.  

Love it! The art style is okay and I really enjoyed the story! I got Cordelian's route on my first try!

I just finished playing the demo and I am in love with it! Definitely gonna buy the game 💕 Eeeeek!

I love it! But for some reasons, I find the owl man quite creepy 😂

I love it.

I absolutely adore this game! The art style is amazing!

I absolutely love the story! It's super cute :) Can't wait for the full game

This game is absolutely adorable!! I love it so much!

I can't wait for the next chapter!! Love it soo much :) The art style is uhmazing!!