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Will new community copies be added soon?

I didn't read the disclaimer, and thus thought I was playing with real people. 10/10 game.

My father loves this game, his only qualm is that it existed when he used to play Warhammer because he thinks it would have been a great oneshot.

Anyone who provides community copies for their game is a very cool person :)

I love this game. The alien friend is really cute.

This is pretty fun. I like how simple it is.

I didn't check for any errors in the game folder. I'm using windows 32. I'm not sure what kind of graphics.

First you click on a game type on the left, then the start button should appear.

The textures

I'm using windows 10, the textures did work before, I deleted the game and reinstalled it so I didn't try to delete the mod. A picture of the textures is at the top of the comment. I have redownload the game, I haven't tried it yet though.

My textures bugged out when I tried to create a sandbox world. I think activating the built in mod caused it. Can you please fix it?